You’ve never seen a cloud-based payment platform like this one


From securely entering payments to on-demand reports, Telpay’s platform improves performance and quality for you and your customers

The technology is developing fast. Leveraging the powerful features of today’s top software has become a critical factor for businesses to remain competitive. There’s no better example of this than accounts payable and accounts receivable, where the bar is moving in terms of the role technology can play in streamlining the payment flow.

That’s why Telpay created an entirely new cloud-based payment platform, designed to meet the growing demands of your business while saving you time – and headaches – in the process.

In 2022, migrating your payment to a cloud-based solution is a matter of if Not if. By adopting cloud technologies, you can seamlessly manage payments across multiple platforms, easily schedule bill payments, and get rid of all IT-related nightmares. It is part of a larger infrastructure aimed at making your life easier and managing your business as elegantly, agilely and efficiently as possible.

Telpay’s innovative cloud-based platform was developed by industry payment experts who tailored the software for bookkeeping and bookkeeping. Its many features and capabilities result directly from customer feedback, giving accountants the tools they need to make payment management the most efficient, transparent, and streamlined part of the workday—yes, even payroll day.

Use the cloud with the new Telpay for Business to securely enter payments directly, process next-day bill payments, access full on-demand reports, payment histories and more. Telpay’s platform values ​​your time. Payments are automatically grouped by biller and consolidated for you, aiming to improve performance and quality for you and your customers.

Telpay knows how to harness the power of today’s technologies. As Canada’s original payment platform, Telpay has been at the forefront since 1985, first by phone, then online and now via the cloud. With the new Telpay for Business, Canadian businesses can continue to rely on Telpay to deliver efficient payment solutions, making them one of the most trusted and largest independent payments companies in the country, handling more than $20.2 billion in payments each year handles.

Convince yourself of the difference. Visit to book a demo today and find out what Telpay for Business can do for your business.


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