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NISKAYUNA – Junior of Niskayuna High School Jordan Bell and newcomer Elizabeth Vinciguerra were two of the youngest entrepreneurs at the Niskayuna Farmer’s Market this summer.

One of them offered something delicious to eat while the other marketed accessories to wear and look fabulous doing it. But both have undoubtedly generated sales and satisfied customers in the market.

Through his company Rollin’ in Dough, Bell has sold homemade single biscuits in a variety of flavors – and sizeable ones at that – while Vinciguerra makes bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in her handmade jewelry and accessories shop.

“We’ve found cookies we like and we don’t have them here,” Bell said at the market last Saturday, just before he sold out of his inventory yet again. “They don’t ship, so we tried to create our own, which we like just as much.”

Bell, with the support of his mother Cindy, set to work in his own kitchen to satisfy confectionery cravings.

“I would say it’s the size of our dough before we bake it,” Bell said. “It’s a big cookie and a lot of dough before we even put it in the oven.”

He shared his talent with friends and family before turning his talents into a for-profit business.

“I would bring these cookies to various family events, and then a lot of people would say, ‘You should start selling them,'” Bell said. “I started on Niska Day and it was a good learning session there, and then we continued to come here.”

His black biscuit menu board lists each week’s offerings, and when they’re devoured, he writes “sold out” next to the flavor. On Saturday, it wasn’t long before Bell flipped his menu sign over to the blank side and wrote, “Sorry all sold out.”

“We’re proud that most weekends have been sold out by 11 a.m.,” Bell said. “The negative is having to stay here and tell people we’re out of cookies and you need to come back early next week.”

Bell said Saturday would be his last market for the season, although the market will run until October 15. “We just launched our online store last week,” he said. “It seems like the best way for us because I’m starting school again and it allows me to manage my time and my production.”

Vinciguerra followed her mother’s artistic talents two years ago, sitting around a long table with a selection of colorful bracelets along with an earring tree display adorned with colorful and eye-catching options to suit most tastes.

“It was around Christmas time in 2020,” Vinciguerra said. “My mom had a bunch of supplies and she showed me how to make things.”

Most of their parts are sourced through Amazon, but the designs, options, and offerings are all hand-crafted by Vinciguerra.

Her favorite earrings – smileys and lightning bolts.

Some of her best customers are her Niskayuna friends and classmates.

“They have a lot of my stuff,” Vinciguerra said.

Like Bell, Vinciguerra changes its offerings depending on the season and holidays.

At last week’s market her earring range included silver smiling pumpkin earrings and she still includes hollow red hearts from her Valentine’s collection.

“I like the heart shapes, red and pink,” Vinciguerra said.

The young jewelry entrepreneur also responded to customer requests and added items to her inventory.

Adding a stone earring attached to the hoop with wrapped wire – something that wasn’t in their original collection.

Last Saturday she was asked to make a custom necklace for a future mother of the bride.

“She had an idea and we talked about it,” Vinciguerra said. The two agreed on the design and their custom work could be seen as something new for the mother of the bride.

Vinciguerra has branched out into the retail sector.

Her jewelry is available from Worthington Flowers in Wynantskill and also from The Round Barn in Vermont.

“It’s not surprising, but it’s exciting,” said Vinciguerra.

The newcomer from Niskayuna is also ending her days at the Niskayuna Farmers’ Market. She has signed up for another Saturday to balance school and her love of Irish dancing with her business venture.

“It was more difficult,” said Vinciguerra. “I can also ship my things.”

Both young entrepreneurs have websites where their customers can view and order their products.

Bells biscuits are available at while Vinciguerra’s jewelry can be viewed on the Etsy website at

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