Women Getting Things Done – Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi, entrepreneur Kamea Johnson and American Idol Katie Higley in Jessop’s Journal Sunday at 10pm on ABC4


(DOUG JESSOP JESSOP’S JOURNAL) Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Jessop’s Journal is a weekly TV show with features powerful, positive and inspiring stories.

In this week’s episode of Jessop’s Journal, we delve into the world of women getting things done. Our first guest is a woman who shares it powerful history of being raised by a single mother and is now the first female mayor of a major city, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi.

Kamea Johnson is a Female Entrepreneur of the Year who a positive Message to talk about the first to be able to make a difference.

Everyone has history. Stories have power. objects can have inspiring stories. Objects with stories are Treasures Remembered.

In between, DSDS graduate Katie Higley entertains us.

Tune in this Sunday, February 27 at 10 a.m. on ABC4 Utah for the full 30-minute episode.


Everyone has a story. I feel that strongly “Stories have power”. If you’re going through something, chances are someone else is probably going through it too. The shared experiences that we humans have can help each other. That my friend makes the point that stories “help us to understand each other.”

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but I think maybe if people took more time to learn more about others and where they come from, we might find that we have more in common than differences.

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