Wichita sister entrepreneurs updating multiple services in the app to hire service industry workers


Deborah Gladney and Angela Muhwezi-Hall saw an opportunity and seized it. The entrepreneurs saw a void in the service industry, started a business, and filled it themselves.

“We’re just helping create more opportunity and break down barriers for other black women in technology,” said Deborah Gladney, Quickhire CEO.

Quickhire is a company focused on the rapid recruitment of candidates in the service industry. The app was launched in April and already has more than 60 employers with over 11,000 applicants using the service.

“We pride ourselves on being underserved founders serving underserved workers in an underserved geographic area,” said Gladney.

Deborah and Angela are daughters of Ugandan immigrants and have seen firsthand how the service industry affects families. That was their inspiration for developing the app.

“People don’t have time to wait for the next opportunity,” said Angela Muhwezi-Hall, COO of Quickhire. “That can make the difference between ‘Can I feed my family?'”

Labor shortages are increasing across the country.

“These are people who have been neglected for decades, stifled their careers, paid badly – so many different problems. And with COVID, that was just the last straw for them, where people literally walked their feet and quit their jobs and say, ” We won’t take it anymore ‘”.

The sister companies recently raised more than $ 1.4 million to start their business. They are just two of just over 100 black women who have done this since Dec 2020. They now have clients like Doo-Dah Diner, Fuzzy’s Tacos, and Homewood Suites.

Quickhire hopes the app will help employees build lifelong careers rather than seeing the service industry as a dead end.

“You might say, ‘Hey, I’m a cashier. One day I want to be a regional manager, ‘”said Muhwezi-Hall. “We take this information and connect you to the right jobs. We connect you with the right training. ”

Gladney assures applicants that there are real opportunities for a lifelong career in service. Quickhire hopes his app will keep some of the young talent in Wichita if those talents leave the state too often.

“You don’t have to go to the coast,” said Gladney. “Wichita has an extremely supportive community and ecosystem that works really well.”

“We really want to put Wichita, Kansas, the Midwest in the spotlight,” said Muhwezi-Hall, “and we’re really proud of that.”

Quickhire plans to move beyond Wichita and include skilled workers such as manufacturing and welding over the next year. New updated app functions will also be available in early 2022.

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