What is “Britain Uncancelled”, the new Tory campaign group that aims to promote the “culture of abandonment”?


In a phenomenal oxymoron, a new campaign was launched with the aim of “breaking the culture of abandonment”, which describes the project as “fear and paranoia in our workplaces, in politics … at our children’s schools and even at home”.

According to its official website, Britain Uncancelled was – yes, really – launched on October 11th and is “against the cancellation of culture in any form”.

“An intolerant minority of politically motivated activists are trying to put an end to debate and suppress the views of people they disagree with, and their voices are getting louder as they get a platform from the mainstream media and big corporations. This is how mobs work.

“This small minority is trying to divide us rather than unite us by imposing their discriminatory opinions on the rest of us, destroying British and British heritage, overturning statues and shaming flags. We should learn from history, not change or delete it, ”they write in a blog post.

People can go to their website and support their promise to commit to “end the abandonment culture”, “protect freedom of speech” and “promote the UK values ​​of mutual respect, fairness, open-mindedness and tolerance”.

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And if that’s not enough, you can sign up to produce creative content, run fundraisers, or partake in a “social media blitz” – essentially the same type of social media use that culture critics usually moan about, when they are held accountable.

You can also express your interest in buying a T-shirt with the word “uncancelled” on the front so that you can really “see the part”.

At this point, we’ve noticed that we’ve used “them” a lot throughout this article. So who exactly is behind this new campaign that is waging an unnecessary culture war?

The consultant

Founded in 2019, according to its website, Barker Strategy “offers insights and advice to deliver successful campaigns and the right results for our clients in terms of strategy, communication and messaging”.

Its founder is Ed Barker, former George Michael saxophonist (yes, really) and the Tories candidate for Derby South in the 2019 general election.

He was criticized for “dirty tricks” during the competition when he bought a fake website on behalf of Margaret Beckett from Labor.

Not exactly the “British value of mutual respect,” is it, Ed?

Then there was the time he told people not to switch to TalkTalk:

And in another incredible contradiction, the hustings at Derby Cathedral were reportedly canceled – yes, we said that word – because the Conservative candidate, according to Ms. Beckett, refused to attend.

In other words, Ed deplatformed himself.

The supporters

Esther McVey, former minister of labor and pensions, is one of the campaign’s supporters. Ms. McVey also worked closely with Mr. Barker, saying he was “instrumental in so many of my campaigns”.

It’s the same Esther McVey who suggested that Lorraine Kelly’s uncomfortable conversation about her on Good Morning Britain in 2019 was due to “professional jealousy”.

When the Tatton MP shared the news on Twitter that she supported Britain Uncancelled, adding, “It’s time to cancel Cancel Culture,” she was properly toasted:

Mansfield MP and Leader Ben Bradley came under fire for tweets about free school meals in October 2020. He replied to another user on the platform who wrote, “£ 20 cash straight to a crack den and brothel really sounds like the way forward with this one”.

“That’s what FSM is [free school meal] Summer coupons did that effectively, ”Bradley replied.

At this point we start to think that Britain Uncancelled supporters just don’t like being held accountable, which is a huge part of being a MP.

The announcement didn’t go well on Twitter when people claimed the admins on his Facebook page banned certain commentators:

And as one user put it:

Rounding out just three MPs listed as supporters on social media completes Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith, the cheerful guy who likened footballers taking the knee as an anti-racist gesture to Nazi greetings:

He was also criticized in January for accepting a coronavirus vaccine in front of clinically vulnerable people.

Not canceled cancellation

Finally, on a thread criticizing Nadine Dorries for “a story of funding the abandonment culture” and her online safety act, it looks like Britain Uncancelled itself is canceling someone:

Now let’s lie down. The death of irony makes our head ache.


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