Wellness entrepreneur Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s tips for finding the best investors for your business


Raised by a single parent with a chronic illness, Golden founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford seen for myself how difficult it can be to get the right medical care. When Wofford was a teenager, her mother went to a holistic doctor and saw a tremendous improvement in her symptoms. “It was really like day and night,” says Wofford. “That really inspired me and made me feel like, ‘Okay, this is what I want to do.'” She saw an opportunity to help other people in her mother’s position who needed comprehensive medical care to help everyone aspects of a chronic disease.

Wofford was on the premed track in college and was determined to go to medical school to study holistic medicine. But then something happened that made her stop and wonder if this was really the best way for her to help people improve their well-being.

“Everything was fine until I found out from my mother that she actually had to stop going to this doctor because she just couldn’t afford it anymore,” says Wofford. “And that really made me stop and think about what exactly I wanted to do, in wellness, and that piece of accessibility played a part in that.”

Around the same time, she began thinking about her own role as a consumer in the wellness industry. She eventually found that there wasn’t much out there that matched her values. She describes feeling trapped between the no-frills approach to wellness she learned growing up and all the flashy new offerings in the booming wellness industry. “This next wave of offers felt so prestigious that it didn’t really resonate with my values, and I certainly couldn’t afford it,” says Wofford. She didn’t see a brand out there that felt appropriate for those looking to try and add more wellness-focused products to their routine in an affordable and accessible way.

So she made one herself. Golde is a wellness and beauty company that sells plant-based products (such as turmeric latte and probiotic digestive enzymes) and focuses on making wellness and self-care accessible, fun and easy to fit into your lifestyle. “We’re really trying to meet our consumers where they are,” says Wofford.

How Golde was born

After graduating from college, Wofford embarked on a marketing career at a tech startup in New York. She loved it but kept coming back to her spa dreams. “I was definitely that friend or colleague who would recommend you different herbal remedies based on how you were feeling, so I knew I had to come back to that somehow.”

In 2017, she formed Golde with her high school friend. Growing up in a family business, which she credits with a glimpse into entrepreneurship — that they could see what could be possible if they put their minds to it. “It sort of sown the seeds of opportunity,” says Wofford.

They decided to take the plunge and start this business. Both stayed at their full-time jobs. “We started Golde with around $2,000 in savings for both of us.” They were 23, with no industry connections or investors. “We taught ourselves packaging design. We taught ourselves product photography. We mixed the first versions of our turmeric latte mix in our Brooklyn apartment.”


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