Victor Taylor hosts the New Bern Black History Month Parade


Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 19th to attend the fifth annual Black History Month Parade in New Bern.

This celebration will highlight not only the importance of black history, but also the success of small black businesses.

“We’re trying to get all African American companies to present their businesses,” said Victor Taylor, host and organizer of the parade. “We just wanted to show what African Americans have done in Craven, Jones, Pamlico and Onslow counties.”

Taylor said the parade will have participants from all four boroughs and the event will showcase the rich history and success of African Americans in those areas.

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The parade takes place on February 19th, with a rainy date for February 26th. Lineup begins at 10am at the corner of Trent Road and First Street, but the parade begins at 12pm. The event ends on George Street behind the New Bern Police Station.

Taylor and the non-profit organization Vision Forward are hosting the celebration.

Taylor said it’s important to focus the event on small black businesses because there are many local entrepreneurs who aren’t recognized or people don’t know they exist.

“Like food trucks, corner shops, businesses that are just springing up,” he said. “The most important thing we are aiming for is to create cohesion and camaraderie because as the pandemic has continued many people have been separated and many people have taken a hit to their businesses.”

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He said he hopes the parade will shine a spotlight on those businesses that are still holding on despite the pandemic. The parade returns after not taking place last year due to COVID-19.

Truckloads, food trucks, local organizations, businesses, the New Bern Boys and Girls Club, The Salvation Army, Prostate Cancer Support Group, radio stations and News Channel 12 are some of the parade participants.

The fifth annual Black History Month Parade in New Bern takes place on February 19 and begins at 12:00 p.m.

The Grand Marshal, or leader of the parade, is Gregory Singleton, Director of Community Workforce Readiness at Craven Community College.

“It’s important that people take part in the parade to show they’re still persevering, recovering from the pandemic, or starting a new business,” Taylor said. “Many churchgoers do not know the churches that still exist. So the churches show that they are still there. The companies show that they are still there and the entrepreneurs show that I am new on the scene. “

He said the other goal of the event is for people to come out and watch the parade to see what all four boroughs have to offer and to build business relationships. Elected officials from Craven, Jones, Pamlico and Onslow counties will be present at the parade.

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Due to the pandemic, a small Black History event for invited guests will take place immediately after the parade. The event will be held at 601 Roundtree St. in New Bern and CL King of Onslow County will be the guest motivational speaker.

The theme for the small event is the Great Fire of 1922, Taylor said. The fire was one of the most destructive fires in North Carolina history, burning down 40 city blocks in New Bern and leaving thousands of people homeless.

“That fire changed the face of New Bern,” he said. “Shops, churches and houses burned down completely.”

Taylor said it’s important to note that everyone is invited to the parade because he wants everyone to celebrate black history in this area.

“What I’m most excited about is that we’re coming together as people,” he added. “When I say we as humans, I mean all humans.”

The last day to apply to participate in the parade was February 14th. If anyone has questions about the event, contact Victor Taylor at 252-617-2537.


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