The new Washington County-owned company helps move cargo, cargo


Capital Region companies looking to ship their products within the region or across North America can turn to a new local carrier.

Based in Kingsbury, Washington County, Magnet Transport Group provides freight and cargo solutions for businesses of all types and sizes and has particular experience in moving oversized loads.

Magnet is a partnership of longtime local entrepreneur Mark Miller and his stepson Drew Trombley.

Miller was a truck driver more than 30 years ago before founding Performance Industrial, the metropolitan area’s commercial and industrial cleaning, painting and flooring systems contractor, which he sold to his son and daughter-in-law before founding Magnet. Trombley has been a professional driver for several years.

Miller says he saw an opportunity for a new local freight forwarder when he saw more companies rely on freight brokers to schedule their shipments.

“Why would they go through all that when they could just call a local trucking company and work directly with the owners?” said Mueller. “Magnet’s motto is: ‘Exactly as promised, first time, on time, every time. Period.'”

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