The new store in Old Town Orcutt hopes to bring unity to the community


ORCUTT, Calif. – Orcutt resident Simone Laurent has opened her dream store, Living Energy Crystals, on Clark Avenue in Old Town Orcutt.

“I’m so excited to open in Old Orcutt,” said owner and longtime resident of Orcutt, Simone Laurent.

Simone says she is grateful not only to live in Orcutt but also to work in Orcutt now.

“It’s been a dream of mine for many years,” says Simone.

Simone has lived in Orcutt for 15 years and has been selling crystals from home since 2020.

“I really felt the call to open a space for community,” said Simone.

She hopes this store will be more than a store, but also a space for togetherness, support and empowerment.

“Hopefully this will be more than just crystals. It will be a place where people come and get the support they need,” said Simone.

Living Energy Crystals will host crystal introductory courses and meditation workshops for the community.

“Right now it’s more important than ever to focus on mental, emotional and spiritual well-being,” the owner said.

Simone’s goal is to bring quality, handpicked crystals to the community at affordable prices.

“I want to support the community and this beautiful area and just put some great money back into the city,” said Jessica Dill, who lives in Santa Maria.

“Anyone who is willing to step up and take a risk and open up and follow their passion, I will always be there to support them,” said Tiffany Dickerson, Lompoc’s CEO at the grand opening of Living Energy Crystals drove.

The store is located at 235 E. Clark Ave. in Suit B opposite the Far Western Tavern.

Click here for more information on Living Energy Crystals.


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