The Miami entrepreneur puts his community first and pledges to empower families in 2022


Kingdom Financial Academy gets a helping hand from global branding expert Rey Perez, who turned a hybrid virtual Christmas event into a life changing moment for homeless youth and domestic violence survivors in South Florida.

Miami, USA, December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

A shocking one to learn Only millennials were involved found that 84% were financially illiterate. Concern about the financial future of 18- to 34-year-olds is greater today than ever before. The Miami-based school, Kingdom Financial Academy, has helped underserved communities break free from financial strongholds. However, like many non-profit organizations, they depend on donations from those who want to make a difference.

Enter Rey Perez, Global Branding Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist who has spent over two decades building a global brand empire by empowering executives to maximize their impact and monetize their mission. He does this by leading entrepreneurs and business owners to “bring out their inner superhero and share him / her with the world”.

Rey teamed up with Daniel Isaiah Shalach, a local pastor and co-founder of the Kingdom Financial Academy, to make a difference in their South Florida church. Shalach, who has worked with many faith-based entrepreneurs himself to scale their business and is an accomplished digital marketer, was looking for an angel and found him in Rey.

Daniel’s passion for empowering domestic violence survivors is only matched by his desire to reach and teach teenagers who have aged out of the care system by 18 and are in a homeless shelter. Kingdom Financial Academy will help them by walking them through the steps to gain financial clarity while sharing the secrets to mastering their finances and credit.

“When I first approached Rey, I knew that he had both the right contacts and the passion to make a difference. I didn’t expect him to introduce our nonprofit as a beneficiary of his Business Growth Bootcamp. He has teamed up with several entrepreneurs from around the country who attended his live event and raised $ 3,300 for our charity. Then he promised to help us raise the rest of the 27,000 US dollars that we need to strengthen 1000 families in the first half of 2022. ”said Schalach.

Perez, who has appeared in multiple publications such as and, has spent the past few years perfecting a next-generation digital business card app that has all of your media in one place called. connects My 360 sites. Rey is hosting a two day branding event called Brand in 2 Days where he (along with other national experts) shares with entrepreneurs and business people how to use this new revolutionary app to generate more leads and sales for their business.

the Mark in 2 days At the December event, Rey decided to form his union with Kingdom Financial Academy to break financial strongholds while giving back to his beloved local Miami community in 2022.

“I already have a non-profit organization called”Influence with“. It focuses on empowering disadvantaged children, teaching them business skills, and helping them understand that they can be anything they want in their life. We support several youth organizations in the US and around the world, such as Colombia, where poverty is devastating. These children (many orphans) just want to be loved and know that they can change their future. The partnership with Daniel has made it possible for me to participate in an impact here and now in South Florida. Daniel presented the opportunity and I appeared without question, “says Rey.

Rey is part of a socially conscious business movement that enables entrepreneurs, business owners and / or anyone who wants to make a difference to do so by donating their TIME, TALENT or TREASURE. He is focused in 2022 on changing lives on three levels: locally by partnering with the Kingdom Financial Academy, nationally by mentoring his clients for professional branding in a way that properly shows their skills and passions, and finally globally by reaching orphans and young people in other countries with limited resources.

If you’d like to learn more about how you’re supporting this great cause or want to get in touch with Rey Perez, you can reach him and his team at

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