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She gives kids what they want!

A 7-year-old entrepreneur just launched her second line of products at Walmart, beings reports.

Lily Adeleye is the 7-year-old baby boss and CEO of the hair accessories brand Lily Frilly. Last year, Lily made history as the youngest black CEO to get her products onto Walmart shelves at just 6 years old.

The brand includes backpacks, lunch boxes, customizable charm shoes, basically anything a young girl could want. Now expanding its range and being sold at additional Walmart locations across the country.

“I’m really proud of Lily. She has her own ideas, she is very creative and vocal and she is willing to get the job done. She has everything it takes to be successful,” said Lily’s mother, Courtney Adeleye, who is a successful beauty entrepreneur herself.

The new product partnership includes a variety of bows and hair clips for girls of all ages. A press release said the bows “will serve as an ambitious charge for little girls around the world to reach for the stars.”

The kidpreneur is now part of a growing movement of Black women entrepreneurs who represent the fastest growing entrepreneurial demographic in the United States, with Black women accounting for 42% of new women-owned businesses and 36% of all Black employer-owned businesses.

Her mother hopes Lily’s efforts will inspire other little girls and help build confidence, knowing that they too can follow their dreams.

Get your Lily Frilly’s products here.

Photo courtesy of Lily Frilly/Essence


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