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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses stabilizes, people who have not registered on the official online vaccination platform will soon be able to go to a local hospital, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), get a vaccination. announced Saturday (November 6th).

The government has so far been diligent in distributing the vaccines, with the public registering their vaccine selections and receiving text messages letting them know when to register for a vaccination for a total of 12 rounds. The system also allows participants to choose a location and time for their vaccination once they have received the SMS.

The CECC said Saturday that since Taiwan has a stable supply of vaccine doses, it will also allow people to book vaccinations outside of the official online system, CNA reported. It is up to the local government health authorities to allow clinics and hospitals to dispense vaccine doses based on the inventory in their area.

Under the new separate system, people aged 12 and over can receive a first dose of BioNTech, followed by a second shot of the same vaccine at least four weeks later. People aged 18 and over can choose an AstraZeneca jab with a second shot of the same brand at least eight weeks later, according to the CECC.

So far, the interval between the first and the second AstraZeneca recording had to be 10 weeks, but the CECC decided to shorten the waiting time due to the sufficient supply.

A total of 594,000 AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses were due to arrive in Taiwan later on Saturday for use before the end of November.

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