T-Mobile partners with Apple to simplify IT management for small businesses


T-Mobile is working with Apple to launch a JUST plan for small businesses that addresses the pain points they face to keep their business and employees connected.

Business Unlimited Ultimate+ for iPhone, available now, is the first and only wireless plan that simplifies IT for small businesses and combines Apple Business Essentials with AppleCare+ for Business Essentials, along with a new iPhone 13 for new lines and 200GB of high speed -Hotspot data per month and more.

To start and grow a business, technology is essential. In fact, studies show that nearly 90% of companies require their employees to access an average of five business mobile apps every day. But for that to happen, business owners go through many steps, from buying the best devices, to onboarding and upgrading those devices, backing them up and updating them, to configuring apps and settings for each device. For a small business, that’s A LOT, but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s exactly why T-Mobile and Apple have teamed up – to make things easier for all kinds of small businesses with an amazing plan: Ultimate+ for iPhone. This new plan is packed with a ton of great benefits for small businesses:

  • Every employee who adds a new line to the plan gets a new iPhone 13—stylish and durable, with super-fast performance and long battery life.
  • Ultimate+ for iPhone is the ONLY wireless plan that allows customers to get the all-new Apple Business Essentials, which combines device management, 24/7 Apple support, and iCloud backup and storage into a single, flexible subscription.
  • There’s unlimited voice, text, and premium smartphone data on America’s largest, fastest, and most reliable 5G network.
  • This plan includes a whopping 200 GB of high-speed hotspot data per month so small businesses can keep all their devices connected.
  • Customers get unlimited Wi-Fi on select American, Delta and Alaska Airlines flights—other airlines, including United, will launch later this year.
  • Finally, this plan helps keep business customers connected with unlimited text and data in over 210 countries and destinations around the world, including 5 GB of free high-speed data per month.

All this for just $50 per month per connection with 6 or more connections, so small business users can take the IT off and focus on growing their business!

Apple Business Essentials makes it easy for businesses to set up and change employee rates as needed. If a device is lost or stolen, sensitive business data can be locked or erased while employees’ personal data is fully protected. Different apps and updates can go to specific employees, whether it’s an employee’s personal device or one provided by the company. And AppleCare+ for Business Essentials offers small businesses even more—including 24/7 phone support for all employees and on-site iPhone repairs in as little as four hours.

Since the launch of Apple Business Essentials in March, small businesses have shaved countless hours, giving them more time to focus on their work. One T-Mobile customer already using Apple Business Essentials is Vertical-One in El Paso, Texas.

“We are a family business and we always focus on our employees. We want to give them the best products so they can do their best work,” said Nick Dominguez Jr., chief operations officer at Vertical-One in El Paso, Texas. “Apple products have enabled our growth over the years and T-Mobile’s 5G network makes a huge difference, for example when we go from iPhone to MacBook hotspot in the field. Apple Business Essentials changed the game for us, with iCloud backups and the ability to do quick repairs when we need them. It gives us freedom as we spend less time on IT and more time developing our business.”

For small business customers who want to add Apple Business Essentials to just a few existing lines, T-Mobile is introducing an a la carte option for customers to add Business Essentials to any T-Mobile business plan for $2.99 ​​per month be able. And just to ensure ALL customers can experience the incredible value of Business Essentials, T-Mobile is offering it FREE a la carte through the end of 2022.

“Working with Apple is just another way we support small businesses as they continue to be the source of countless jobs and innovations across America,” said Callie Field, president of the T-Mobile Business Group. “We’re always looking for ways to add value to our customers, and working with Apple gives us the opportunity to address a whole new pain point for small businesses – IT management.”

“Apple is committed to helping small businesses thrive, and we’re proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve built with this community,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of enterprise product marketing. “Apple Business Essentials helps small businesses manage the entire lifecycle of their Apple products — from device management and storage to support and repairs — so they can focus on running and growing their business. T-Mobile’s new Business Unlimited Ultimate+ plan for iPhone combines business essentials with blazing-fast 5G service, a powerful new iPhone 13 and more—making it even easier for small businesses to do their best work with IT.”

With T-Mobile’s unmatched 5G network—America’s largest, fastest, and most reliable—small businesses can enjoy these benefits virtually anywhere. T-Mobile’s 5G coverage extends beyond cities and into rural areas, covering 310 million Americans and 1.8 million square miles — more square miles of 5G coverage than the other wireless companies combined.


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