Start of construction for new retail space | Business


After more than 10 years of vacancy, groundbreaking for a new store is finally held on a large concrete lot on Northwest Cache Road.

In this case, the groundbreaking is literal as teams from Charlie’s Backhoe Service, a Sterling-based company, work to break apart and smash the property’s aging concrete base.

The surface is rugged and overgrown, having been abandoned since 2012 when it served as a car dealership. The space was purchased as a new retail location for Mathis Brothers Furniture and Ashley HomeStore. Additional areas will be purchased after construction is complete.

The old concrete base is not only broken up by workers for Charlie’s excavator, but also recycled and sold by the company. Charlie Hale, the company’s owner, said the entire process is done on site.

“We have a machine right where we work that’s crushing the concrete,” Hale said. “We have already sold about 1,000 tons and expect to sell another 1,500.”

After crushing, the concrete is sold for use as road filler, gravel road material, and various other uses.

The property is located near Northwest 50th Street and Cache Road, almost exactly where Cache splits, with the right two lanes serving as the entrance to the Quanah Parker Trailway. A traffic light was installed at the same place but not yet activated.


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