Small businesses in Richmond get a big boost from All-A Classic


RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) – The Richmond All-A Classic will be held on day two of the five-day basketball tournament. With fans from across the Commonwealth staying in Madison County for the event, small businesses benefit.

“For us, we get a 10-20% increase when the All-A is in town,” said Adam Griggs, manager of Soft Shoe in Richmond. “We really look out for each other and try to clog other companies at all times.”

Purdy’s Coffee Co., a coffee shop in Richmond, has been closed for two years due to COVID-19, but basketball has the small business on the back burner.

“We’ve always had a 10-15% increase that we’ve seen from the All-A Classic around town,” said Kristin Purdy of Purdy’s.

Lori Murphy-Tatum, executive director of Richmond Tourism, says basketball fans bring the city $1 million.

“Every time you have visitors who spend that money, it turns it around sevenfold, so it’s new business for you to have all these people in town,” Murphy-Tatum said.

Murphy-Tatum said all hotels in Richmond and Berea are booked. She said business in the region as a whole increases by 25-30% when the tournament is in town. That’s a 75% increase from last year, as the event was cut short due to inclement weather.

The All-A Classic runs through Sunday.

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