Shell introduces new energy division in Nigeria


Shell, a global energy company, claims it has created a new division in Nigeria to expand the marketing and distribution of natural gas to meet the rapidly growing energy needs of wholesale customers and provide more and cleaner energy solutions in the country.

The new Shell Energy Nigeria division will build on the success of Shell Nigeria Gas by providing competitive and reliable energy for power generation and industrial users, and by expanding gas distribution to people in new regions.

“In line with the federal government’s ‘Decade of Gas’ initiative, Shell Energy Nigeria will strive to provide gas-based energy solutions to a wide range of businesses across the country in order to fuel economic development and add value to the country’s natural resources achieve. “Said the general manager of Shell Energy Nigeria, Markus Hector.

Shell Energy Nigeria’s gas solutions are said to work with other energy sources – including renewable energy – to provide competitive and flexible energy while helping the country transition to a lower carbon energy system, according to a statement.

The new company will leverage the skills and experience of Shell Energy to offer a full range of energy solutions available from a single provider and made possible by one of the largest trading companies in the industry.

Shell Companies Country Chair in Nigeria, Osagie Okunbor, said, “Shell Energy Nigeria demonstrates our continued commitment to drive progress by bringing more and cleaner energy solutions in the country. It brings Shell’s decades of marketing and trading experience, a wealth of market knowledge and its ability to integrate energy solutions to support Nigeria’s economic development, to Nigeria. ”

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