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The OurPass product is an online platform where merchants and customers can sell and buy or checkout with one click.

The Ourpass product is recognized as Africa’s fastest one-click checkout for digital commerce. According to OurPass CEO and Founder Samuel Chukwunonso Eze, the idea of ​​creating this online digital platform came about 12 months ago to eliminate the rigorous checkout processes that cause consumers to leave their shopping cart without checking out.

OurPass is a mobile app that enables consumers to shop with one click, reducing abandoned carts and increasing trade for merchants. Ourpass makes online purchases faster, safer, and easier for consumers to buy and merchants to sell, increasing sales conversion rates, and increasing overall sales.

With OurPass’ acquisition of StoreMia, merchants can create their own ecommerce website and product. Merchants just need to log into the web platform, provide their KYC details and install the OurPass check-out button.

Bolu Adegbesan, the former CEO of Storemia, says Storemia is the fastest, easiest way for a business owner to create an ecommerce website and product. In his words “Coming together is one of the most revolutionary measures in the Nigerian technology space because both products complement each other very much. While Storeemia is the safest and fastest way to set up an ecommerce store, OurPass is the fastest checkout tool for an ecommerce store. “

According to OurPass Chief Operating Officer Gbeminiyi Laolu-Adewale, the vision is to be the fastest one-click checkout for digital commerce in all of Africa that can be achieved by adopting certain values ​​including: agility and speed , driving innovative solutions, unparalleled leadership.

In terms of growth and partnerships, Rogers Mugisa, Chief of Growth and Co-Founder of Ourpass stated that the company will market with three main offerings:

  • 0.8% transaction fee limited to N1000
  • A competitive commission of 5% and;
  • Free deliveries

He further emphasized that merchants can easily increase their sales with these offers and that consumers who shop with Ourpass enjoy the convenience of shopping.

With OurPass, consumers do not need to fill out online forms to purchase and, after selecting their preferred item, consumers must confirm or cancel the transaction within 90 seconds.

In addition, the app offers other offers such as airtime payment, DSTV subscriptions, GOTV subscriptions and other billing, and consumers who log into the app with their personal data receive effective security

OurPass CEO Samson Eze also urged merchants looking to increase sales and increase the sales call rate to visit to register their online stores and access ourpass marketplace.

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