Pytchley Woman’s new company helps cleanse the skin and the environment


A Pytchley woman hopes her new business can help clean up people’s skin and the world’s oceans.

Lucy Astbury launched The Sweet Skin Co — a vegan, all-natural skincare brand — earlier this month and has already seen her products fly off the shelves.

And she’s teamed up with Empower, a Scandinavian platform that removes and recycles plastic waste from the environment to do its bit for the planet, too.

Lucie Astbury

Each sale from their store raises 2kg of plastic waste disposal, while customers can trace where plastic was collected on their behalf and see images of the clean-ups they helped fund.

The 33-year-old’s desire to help out and be a little greener came after a trip to Mexico in 2019. While on vacation, she was lucky enough to see some marine life and coral, but also saw a lot of plastic in the sea.

She said: “It made me change my mind about how to go about things.

“We want to act as environmentally friendly as possible.”

The idea of ​​starting the new company came about during the Covid lockdown. Lucy has been running Holcot’s The Secret Garden Skincare for a number of years, but when salons had to close due to the pandemic, she decided to start making skincare kits.

She shipped them out and got a lot of orders, so she decided to make it her own business.

In collaboration with a UK laboratory, The Sweet Skin Co’s range includes a mud mask, scrubs and oils, and accessories such as pads and brushes.

Lucy said it’s scary starting a new business in the current economic climate, but she’s had a lot of support and is aiming to sell globally.

And she hopes her story can help other women get into the business.

She said: “If someone like me can do it, others can definitely do it. It would be great to get more women interested in business.”


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