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Pinterest is introducing new features for advertisers and brands to promote their products to users on its website. The launch marks the company’s latest initiative to expand online shopping and advertising on its platform.

A new “slide show for collections” retrieves products from the brands’ catalogs and automatically converts them into a “collection display”. Pinterest points out that this new feature will help advertisers easily create video-like content tailored to individual users. The goal is to encourage shoppers to buy more items at once, as shoppers on Pinterest have 85 percent larger carts than buyers on other platforms and spend twice as much per month. Since shoppers are browsing more than one product at a time through the slideshow feature, they are more likely to purchase additional items.

Pinterest is introducing another new feature called “Dealer Details” that brands can use to showcase their values ​​on their profile. Brands can present values ​​such as “responsibly sourced” and “inclusive”. In addition, companies can also highlight communities to which they belong, such as: B. “Women’s ownership” and “Black ownership”.

In addition, the company is expanding its Verified Merchant Program, which helps users find verified brands, to Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Brands that have been vetted receive improved circulation and a “verified” badge on their profiles.

Pinterest is also testing a new paid partnership idea ads feature, which is a collaborative partnership between YouTubers and advertisers. As part of the function, the creator creates an idea pin and marks a brand partner. The advertiser can then advertise the idea pin as an idea display. The company notes that this type of partnership helps businesses and creators reach more users on the platform. Idea Ads are currently being tested with selected YouTubers and brands in 15 countries.

“People who use Pinterest weekly are 7 times more likely to say that it is the most influential platform on their shopping journey compared to social media platforms. For this reason, we are dramatically expanding our range of shopping solutions for advertisers from today, ”the company said in a blog post.

These new features come as no surprise as Pinterest has long positioned itself as a source of inspiration that could ultimately lead to online purchases. Earlier this year, the company introduced a new “shopping list” feature that aims to convert users’ saved Pins into purchases.

It’s worth noting that Pinterest is among several other platforms competing with a foray into online shopping in the ecommerce market, as Facebook, TikTok, and Snap have all rolled out shopping features in the past few months.

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