Othman Tmoulik, a Muslim entrepreneur, is now leading his community towards financial freedom


Like taxes, debt feels almost like a universal constant.

According to Experian, the average American owes a total of about ninety-three thousand dollars. You hardly notice it because it tends to build up slowly over time. A credit card statement seems harmless enough here and there, but then you take out a car loan and that adds up to your total. Then there is student debt and maybe a mortgage to consider in addition to the regular bills you have to pay month after month. Before you know it, your debts will become overwhelming; And no matter how many hours you spend at work or get a raise, you can never catch up.

Sounds familiar?

It’s an all too common scenario for employees to work in the typical nine-to-five grind encounter. And for Othman Tmoulik, a young Muslim entrepreneur, the solution to this constant riddle was obvious: get out of the drawer and go your own way to financial freedom.

Working 8 hours a day, working overtime day in and day out, maybe even adding extra sideline jobs to earn more, are the best solutions when it comes to debt management. But that means that you have to work your way to the bottom, living from paycheck to paycheck. It is hardly worth going to all of your troubles. Instead, Tmoulik asks you to consider the following: If you are willing to take the lesser-traveled route and focus on what you are passionate about, it is entirely possible to make something lucrative out of it.

You don’t even have to just take your word for it. The proof lies in the success of his efforts. In just five years, Tmoulik has now run a company that is anchored in its primary interest, digital marketing, and has grown it into a million dollar company. And among the high profile names he’s worked with, Brian Smith, the founder of UGG shoes, is one of them.

Yes, hard work and dedication all came into play, but Tmoulik managed to do all of this without sacrificing work-life balance and making sure he was taking the right steps towards his goals.

Currently, his efforts are focused on providing the same blueprint for his community to realize their own vision. In his online program Unstoppable Entrepreneurs, he passes on his knowledge and expertise and provides them with the right tools to break out of the typical eight-hour monotony of a day job.

His main rule? Keep it simple because it works. No additional steps are required. The goal is a reliable and sustainable source of income that enables peace of mind. The added benefit is that it will teach you how to run your business online as well.

“The focus is on giving back to the community. The faster you solve your money problems, the sooner you can spend your days doing the really important things like spending time with your kids, your spouse, and exploring life, ”says Tmoulik.

There are many courses out there, but what sets him apart is that he takes the time to make sure his students understand each concept before moving on to the next. His teaching produces results because he spends the time necessary to lay a solid foundation.

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