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Today (November 16th) is National Entrepreneur Daywhat might make you think about the benefits of starting a public relations firm. Many communicators find it worthwhile to pursue a business idea or a boutique communication strategy. And while the benefits of corporate ownership may seem glamorous, the reality is different. Hard work is necessary for a successful, fulfilling journey.

PRNEWS asked entrepreneurs for insights into starting a business as well as tips on turning around and self-promotion PR.

Rosie Mattio, MATTIO Communication

A PRNEWS 2021 Top woman in PR Honoree Mattio started a cannabis company.

“When you are thinking about starting an agency, it is important to find a niche first and to go in depth. In the early years when MATTIO was still a one-woman show, I proactively offered competitive pricing to help build a base of loyal customers. This is ultimately an investment in your brand and will lead to future referrals that will enable you to grow your business. “

Gregg Castano, NewsDirect

Castano developed and promoted a product that helped public relations professionals revolutionize the 70-year-old news industry.

“The natural tendency is to move your idea, concept, or service forward right away, before you even have a lot to talk about. It’s best to resist this urge … First, when you have nothing tangible … nobody cares, no matter how great the idea is. You don’t want to spoil your own messages by talking about something before it’s done … it becomes a much better story when it comes out of the oven. “

Barbara Wagner, Barbara Wagner Communications LLC

The pandemic caused Wagner to leave a comfortable leadership position. In February she started her real estate, culture and lifestyle-oriented company.

“[After] Upgrade of my home office equipment, [I found] to work from home [during the pandemic] was easier than I expected. Over the months I decided to quit my job and pursue the dream of my own company … “

Dreena Whitfield, WhitPR

Other PRNEWS top woman in PR Dear, Whitfield founded a company to raise the voices of multicultural communities.

“I always emphasize the importance of having a clear vision of your goals and your brand story. It is your brand story that sets you apart and creates a sense of connection with your target audience or your consumer. It is important that you have a thorough understanding of your PR goals and your target group before you hire a company or go into business for yourself. ”

Melissa Vela-Williamson, WMD Communications

Vela-Williamson’s multicultural practice supports social justice and DEI.

“[At times,] Be an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster ride in the dark …. make sure your finances are in order, both personal and business, so you can weather unexpected loss of income or economic changes ….. [And] Assure yourself [you] to understand [your] Specialties, be sure to sell and communicate [and know] what does [you] unlike … competitors … Use the entrepreneurship centers or small business advisory organizations in your area to try to start your business in the easiest, cheapest, and smartest way possible. “

Wendy Roundtree, Jarel Communications

While Roundtree works to help others expand their stories, she advises public relations entrepreneurs to make sure their narrative is powerful too. Before starting the company, think about why, she says.

“Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, but having a single-minded foundation will position you for the journey that lies ahead.”

Heather DeSantis, Publicity for Good

While working hard is part of everyday business life, DeSantis says it’s important to stop regularly, look around (especially in the face of the pandemic), and appreciate life and flexibility. Her virtual company enables her to work from anywhere and “with the brands and missions we believe in. ”

“We have 23 acres in the North Carolina mountains and are currently paving Barn domain. PR is great, but cultivating our land and raising chickens so that we are completely self-sufficient … that is freedom and true joie de vivre. “

Nicole Schuman is a reporter at PRNEWS. follow her @buffalogal

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