Ohio University Launches Community Engagement Platform



Ohio University is intensifying its efforts to connect students and their communities through meaningful engagement, including volunteering, community-based internship and research, and community-based courses.

OHIO has started GivePulse, an online platform that helps connect communities. Students, staff, and community members can use GivePulse to find, recruit, and manage volunteer opportunities, curriculum service learning, community-based internships, and other community events. The OHIO subscription allows community organizations in the region to use GivePulse free of charge as a comprehensive volunteer and donor management platform accessible to university stakeholders and the public.

“At the Center for Campus and Community Engagement (CCCE), we are always looking for ways to better facilitate engagement between our students and our communities while building mutually beneficial community partnerships,” said Mary Nally, director of the CCCE. “The GivePulse platform enables us to do this by enabling our students, faculty, staff, and community partners to list, find, organize, and measure the impact of community service and engagement, philanthropy, and volunteering in our communities.”

Nally said GivePulse is a highly customizable platform that offers dynamic volunteer and event management tools, including functionality for trainers together Coordination of curriculum offers for service learning with community partners. GibPulse integrates with Blackboard to bring students seamlessly into the platform, and with other Ohio University Platforms like Bobcat Connect and college student Opportunity Center. It also provides a robust and flexible data infrastructure that supports institution-wide reporting as well as specific unit-level tracking and assessment requirements. The collection of these metrics will help to inform ongoing best practices for community engagement at OHIO.

For OHIO students, in addition to the tools to track their community service and engagement, GivePulse provides lists of local community organizations, volunteer opportunities, community-based internships, and community study places.

The CCCE looks forward to welcoming additional community partners to the GivePulse platform and helping the university community use the tool to support meaningful community engagement. So far 46 partner organizations are active in the platform.

“We are excited to support the work of our community partners and enable our students to experience meaningful collaborative learning through the use of the GivePulse platform in our region,” said Courtney Lefebvre, deputy director of the Center for Campus and Community Engagement. “Our hope is that this can be a powerful tool to catalyze civic engagement in all of our campus communities – and we encourage students and others in the OHIO community to access GivePulse and use the tool to find ways out , to get involved.”

log in GivePulse Use your OHIO credentials to find community engagement opportunities, find volunteers, and track community engagement. For more information on using GivePulse, see the CCCE website.



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