New family business in Carrollton gets personal


CARROLLTON – A new business has emerged from the pandemic and the love for homemade things.

Pure Bossy Crafts offers homemade products like personalized t-shirts, coffee mugs and photo puzzles, among other things.

Founded by Tonya Hunn and her family as a side business, the business grew out of the family homes and is now located at 516 N. Side Square on Carrollton Square.

“It started in my house and we got too big to continue doing it from my house,” said Hunn. “I always did this on the side for my friends and family or our children when they were up to something.”

Hunn has been making personalized shirts for family and friends for a while but turned them into a business when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Their motto is “Happiness is homemade”.

The store’s main items are personalized based on the needs of the person buying them, be it for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower or other life event, Hunn said.

“I’ve always felt that anything you can make is better than anything you can buy in a store,” she said. “You can personalize it, add your own flair, make it your own.”

With six children, Hunn and her husband decided to home-school their children during the pandemic, which meant Hunn had to quit her job to be home with the children.

“I still wanted to do something, feel like I was contributing,” she said.

She created a Facebook page and started selling her products to people outside of her family. The business picked up speed and became a whole family affair, Hunn said.

Their children – Whitney, 18; Michael, 17; Allie, 17; Tori, 15; Ella, 10; and Layla, 7 – and her husband Nathan all helped set up the new business and help develop new products for the store.

“We’ll do it together,” said Hunn. “They all learned how to do everything in the store, and the teenagers will work with me in the store.”

In addition to the Hunns’ homemade goods, the shop will also sell items from other vendors.

The shop is open Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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