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With a staff who pride themselves on speed, cleanliness, friendliness, honesty and convenience, a new redemption center is being set up on West Manlius Street in East Syracuse.

Located where old Family Dollar once was, ESM Bottle Return held a grand opening on September 11th this year, though the store has been up and running since late June.

At the Saturday event, there was a one-time prize wheel that customers could turn to get either the usual 5 cents per reusable beverage packaging or up to 10 cents per item back, depending on which panel they landed on.

On that day, a maximum of 1,000 cans for more than 5 cents could be processed, but as always, more could be brought into the bottle return against the now regular refund.

During the grand opening, free hot dogs, sodas, bags of chips and koozies with the company’s logo were distributed to visitors.

“It was a good day,” said Kevin Lanning, President and CEO of ESM Bottle Return. “We had a great turnout and everyone had a lot of fun. I think they are happy that we are here. “

Lanning handles three more bottle returns – one in Lyncourt, one in Western Lights Plaza, and one in Cicero – but he thought the large facility at 600 West Manlius St. would be a perfect fit for the fourth.

The longstanding motto that frames the grouping of bottle returns owned by Lanning has always started with the word “fast”.

The sorters at the top of the three stations within the East Syracuse site prove this. Your process to get an accurate count involves tracking by hand with zero technology, focus only.

According to Lanning, a total of 42,000 bottles and cans were counted and sucked into the building’s holding tank from the start of the opening on September 11th to the end.

Although the employees immerse themselves in their task after emptying each reusable bag, they often enough ensure that regular guests and newcomers alike are delighted with a smile and a greeting, a sign of the “friendliness” mentioned in the slogan.

They also do their best to keep honesty a priority.

“There’s no point ripping someone off for a nickel or a dime because we want good word of mouth and we want repeat customers,” Lanning said.

In order to make bottle return even more sustainable, he also wants to make the “cleanliness” mentioned there visible.

“No disrespect to other bottle returns, but some out there are kind of shabby and dark and grubby and sticky,” Lanning said. “When you walk in here, it’s very presentable and welcoming. We always wipe the countertops, disinfect the area with bleach and wipe up if there is a leak. “

The last in the series of attributes is “convenience”, which comes into play with the pick-up service for all four bottle returns. This service is extended to schools, churches, shops such as restaurants and bars, nearby private houses with “significant” quantities of bottles and cans, and youth groups who carry out charitable bottle campaigns.

In addition, all own brands of these bottle returns are accepted without the number of containers being redeemed at the same time.

“As long as it’s stamped ‘New York 5 Cent Deposit’ on the label, we’ll take it,” Lanning said. “You go elsewhere and some of the brands may get rejected like Clover Valley, Save a Lot and so on.”

ESM Bottle Return on West Manlius, Lyncourt Bottle Return on Arterial Road, Western Lights Bottle Return on Onondaga Boulevard and Plank Road Bottle Return on Brewerton Road are all currently looking for part-time workers. Interested parties can stop by one of the facilities to submit an application.

The East Syracuse Spot is currently the only one of the four that is closed on Sundays. The opening times are Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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