Meet Mehta – an aspiring Indian entrepreneur who aims to build a world of connection and opportunity


October 31: Meet Mehta, co-founder of Celeb Central and The Cheat Day Café aims to build a world of connection and opportunity for his country’s future generation. Best known for his digital solutions agency, Celeb Central, he has made a name for himself in the industry.

Meet Mehta was born on May 2nd, 2001 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and grew up in a Gujrati family. After graduating from KES Shroff College in 2019, he decided to pursue his further education at Nagindas Khandwala College in Mumbai.

Business and entrepreneurial ventures have always piqued his interest. Hardworking and risk-taking businessman is a young soul with hundreds of dreams to realize. After completing his education, he entered the business world with Hydro Esports in 2019. His role in the company is not limited to just being a founder, but also setting the direction of success.

He excels at competency and talent management, human resources, hiring, brand awareness and basically anything relevant to business development. In January 2020 he joined Tata Consultancy Services or TCS as a Field Coordinator. While serving as a Field Coordinator at TCS, Meet learned the essence of coordination, consolidation and smooth program implementation in an organization. This helped him develop a more straightforward and business-oriented mindset and change his outlook on life.

Celeb Central is a Mumbai-based digital marketing and SEO services agency co-founded by Meet Mehta, Darshit Mehta and Urvesh Jain. With the help of his friends, Meet Mehta connects with creators around the world and allows them to connect with a variety of brands.

“The mission of our team of digital marketing and SEO enthusiasts is to create a marketing plan and strategy that will help you grow your brand exponentially. With thoughtful, research-backed expertise in digital marketing, we serve as your growth partner,” said Celeb Central & The Cheat Day Café co-founder, Meet Mehta.

Its leading digital services agency, Celeb Central, was founded in 2021 and specializes in the marketing and advertising spectrum, as well as in the design, planning, construction and execution of world-class digital products and solutions. With every project and client, his SEO solutions company strives to use his professional expertise to help them achieve inevitable successes through planned collaborations.

From offering contemporary and cutting-edge digital marketing and SEO solutions to expert digital consulting services, the talented entrepreneur‘s primary focus is helping his business clients extend their reach and grow their brand with Celeb Central. His company serves the best influencers and top brands like Toothsi, Renee Cosmetics, Bare Body Essentials, The Ayurveda Co. and Skinnsi to name a few.

Meet Mehta also recently became the founder of his start-up entrepreneurial company The Cheat Day Café in March 2022. His many ventures include Hydro Esports, Celeb Central and now The Cheat Day Café. He powers direct-to-consumer brands through Celeb Central and exclusively manages over 50 talent contracts. With the successful footprint he has made since 2019, Meet’s entrepreneurial endeavors continue to reach new heights. Visit him at-


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