Meet Berthoud’s youngest entrepreneur and owner of Brody’s Fluffy Butt Hut


What did you do when you were 9? Chances are you weren’t a business owner. Meet Brody Davis-Coffield, a 9-year-old third grader and owner of Brody’s Fluffy Butt Hut.

Like many kids, Brody started out selling lemonade, but he didn’t just have one stand, he had three. Jen Davis, his mother, was born with the salesman gene and doesn’t know where it came from, it just is.

“When he was little he tried to sell rocks,” laughed Jen. He recently gave his business card to Santa Claus.

A year ago, in March, Brody launched a website selling eggs, He bought six chickens with a loan from his parents, but quickly realized that selling eggs wouldn’t bring much profit.

Courtesy – Brody Davis-Coffield showcases some of his products at The Rancher’s Wife store in Berthoud.

“If I had 50 or 60 chickens, I would only sell eggs,” explains Brody.

As early as May, he added candles to his repertoire to increase profit margins.

“Everyone loves candles. I come out with different scents every season,” he said.

Brody makes the candles in scents like Birthday Cake, Cinnamon, Lavender Vanilla and more. His personal favorite is Salty Chick, a sea salt orchid scented candle. He starts with the wax, explaining that each pound of wax makes three 8-ounce candles, which he sells for $8 each. He will soon be adding a 16 ounce candle to his offerings.

His candles are available through his website and from The Rancher’s Wife in Berthoud for fodder and grain. Overall, the best-selling candle is the lavender-scented Chill Chicken.

Brody is an entrepreneur though, selling eggs and candles was fine, but inspired by his cousin’s soap business, he’s now adding soap to the items for sale on his website.

“It smells so bad in the beginning of the making,” said Brody, who now makes candles and soap.

When finished, however, the soaps smell lovely. At the moment Brody has been making rainwater and lavender soaps. When he’s not busy tending his chickens or making produce, Brody plays baseball and attends Berthoud Elementary School.

Brody is already planning on hiring and has someone in mind, but first he needs to work on growing the business, which means paying back his parents on loans for things like chicken feed etc.

“My mom keeps track of all my emails and things like that,” Brody said.

“I also do corporate taxes,” said Jen, who considers herself the first employee of Brody’s Fluffy Butt Hutt, although she doesn’t get paid.

Brody plans to continue selling items through his shop, which will keep the inventory more diverse. Right now he’s marketing by word of mouth and it seems to be working. The fact that Brody makes a great looking and smelling candle doesn’t hurt either.

Brody’s Fluffy Butt Hut products will be available this summer at the Berthoud Farmers Market, The Rancher’s Wife and through his website.


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