MCE awards the Entrepreneur of the Year award to the owner of MD’s first childcare center


SALISBURY, Md. – Maryland Capital Enterprises (MCE) presented Dr. Amy Heger wins the Palmer Gillis Entrepreneur of the Year Award with Maryland’s first overnight childcare center.

Dr. Heger opened the Night Watch Child Care Center in 2018. Heger tells 47 ABC that she grew up with a law enforcement father who spoke about parents struggling to find care for their children when they had to work night shifts.

Now, on Thursday morning, the MCE recognized their hard work and dedication along with fellow entrepreneurs in Maryland for their hard work. Dr. Heger says to other aspiring entrepreneurs, everyone can be successful, it only takes a willingness to work to think outside the box. “Making soaps, jewelry or paints, no matter what someone is doing out here, makes money out of it, so think outside the box and don’t give up,” says Dr. Heger. She adds, “It’s nice to be recognized, we’re kind of a non-traditional company with a non-traditional schedule, so it was nice to be recognized and recognized.”

Other contenders for the award included Tracy Trice, who received the Innovator Award, and Jon and Samantha Cameron, who received the Workforce Development Award.

If you’d like to learn more about MCE and the resources it offers, visit theirs website.

If you want to know more about the day care center Dr. Heger, click here.

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