Man jailed for sharing indecent videos of children online


A MAN who circulated indecent videos of children online has been arrested.

Terence Michael Brown, 66, shared five different moving images on the instant messaging platform Kik.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard one of the most serious videos involving a child aged around 10.

Judge Jonathan Fuller KC, who sentenced the former Gillingham Brown resident to two years in prison on Monday November 14, told the defendant: “The images you looked at would have received a sentence if the person concerned was of police would have caught well into the double digits and the toxic nature of these images is clear to anyone who listens to the description.

“This is not a case of possession for your own gratification. This is a case where, not on a single occasion, but on several occasions, albeit over a short period of time, you chose to disseminate these images, as the probation officer says, to gratify other people.”

The judge referred to the parole officer’s report, which said the children in the videos were “indescribably harmed.”

“These images will be immortalized on the internet and you are a part of that,” Judge Fuller KC said. “These are serious offenses.”

Accusingly, Ruba Huleihel said police were made aware of a video the accused had sent on Kik and on September 9, 2020 officers visited his Dorset home address at the time.

Ms Huleihel said a number of devices were confiscated and searched, revealing that Brown had shared five videos on different occasions in August and September 2020.

Two of the videos were category A – the most serious – while the other three were category B moving images.

Bournemouth echo:

Brown, now of First Avenue, Eastchurch, Kent, pleaded guilty to two counts of disseminating indecent images of children at a previous hearing.

Laura Deuxberry mitigated that there were relevant factors that justified the imposition of a suspended sentence.

Ms Deuxberry said Brown has no criminal record, he is repentant and there is strong personal extenuation.

The defendant was going through a “very trying time in his life” when he committed the offenses and he was drinking heavily “to cope with his situation,” meaning his thought process wasn’t as clear as usually. said the lawyer.

“He said on parole, I know I did something wrong and I know I have to face the consequences,” Ms Deuxberry said.

Judge Fuller KC said the offense was so serious that there was no alternative to immediate incarceration.

He also imposed a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and the defendant was placed on the sex offender registry for the same period.

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