“MAG” to teach ecosystem skills to female entrepreneurs and working women


Founder of ‘Ourea FlexiCloud’ Anooja with her team.

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  • More than 6 million students graduate from college in India each year and only 26% of them are employed by the country’s organized employment sectors.
  • Research suggests that 77% of venture capitalists believe Indian startups lack innovation and unique business models.
  • Indian entrepreneurs, especially women, need to upskill with a new paradigm of “ecosystem skills”.

Thiruvananthapuram: In a novel initiative to include working women and female entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem, Anooja Bashir, a serial entrepreneur and founder of “Ourea FlexiCloud”, is poised to create a women-centric ecosystem where more women will have the opportunity to hone their skills and to present and improve their knowledge in the corporate industry.
The counseling workshops are conducted in four major South Indian cities under “LIKES”, an organization under which the programs are run by Anooja Bashir and her team.
“LIKES” is an aggregate platform Ourea that helps entrepreneurs, SMEs, SMEs, startups, mentors, professionals and graduates to connect and benefit from each other.

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The 4 main core areas to focus on are upskilling (entrepreneurship and employability program), networking (membership programs), mentoring and women-centred empowerment program.

“There are so many talented women among us who feel uncomfortable after taking a career break and are therefore returning to their professional careers. We give them the opportunity to connect with other women who have played an important role in the entrepreneurial/business ecosystem and companies. In this process, we seek to shape women leaders and skills in their specific field so they can have a better career,” said Anooja Bashir.

“There are people who have no idea how to start a startup or grow their venture and keep going until they find their mentors. We’re basically connecting those people who they’re looking to connect with,” Anooja said.

The initiative, called “LIKE’s”, was developed by Anooja in 2013 as an employability program to help graduates develop the skills of an entrepreneur. The story begins in 2013 when she emigrated from Dubai. This led and inspired me to create Ourea, a Kochi-based start-up company, an idea to change the lives of many! LIKES aimed to nurture the talented candidates by training them and matching them to a company.

When LIKES was launched in 2013, Anooja fended off backlash from the business community for exposing the flaws in India’s education system. Against all odds, she continued to struggle through her journey and plunged into the domain of brand marketing to strategically position her own business in the Indian market.

Anooja Bashir and her team aim to enable more platforms for working women by offering them training and workshops to shape them and thus be prepared to equip them with the latest tech skills depending on the industry they work in.

Anooja is a CEO by profession, whose achievement and experience with science and business marked the beginning of the OUREA company. As the leader of a prominent 360-degree business company, she has ventured into branding and information technology with a diversified team, along with human resource management and corporate training. After more than a decade of working in various business verticals, she is now a serial entrepreneur running two companies Ourea, FlexiCloud with clients around the world.

She has been featured in national and international media and has also been a prominent speaker on platforms such as TEDx and Josh Talks.
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