Local entrepreneur Mamobo Ogoro honored for his work on social issues


An Enniscorthy entrepreneur was recognized for her work in solving and changing attitudes about social problems.

amobo Ogoro, founder of Gorm Media, was honored at the online event organized by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (SEI).

Speaking at the event, Tim Griffiths, CEO of SEI, said that in a world of uncertainty, social entrepreneurs “move forward” with solutions to social problems and inspire others through action.

Ms. Ogoro’s company, Gorm Media, is a digital media platform that curates common ground on social issues.

In 2021, the platform became increasingly successful, hosting regular online events and producing a wide range of multimedia content that encourages curiosity, conversation and creativity.

Recently, Gorm Media held its first “personal” event “Beyond Blackness” as part of the Culture Night 20210.

The company has also partnered with Screen Skills Ireland & Film to create the Diverse Screen Program to train people from diverse cultural backgrounds to enter the media industry.

Since its inception in 2004, SEI has supported over 400 social entrepreneurs across the country and this year it received 172 applications for its ideas academy, 60 of which secured a place in the program.

The academy supports people with early-stage solutions to help them get from idea to action.

Tim Griffiths, CEO of SEI, spoke at the gathering event and last year, “incredible feats of human ingenuity and kindness have shone through” and in addition to several Covid-19 vaccines being developed at an incredible rate, technology continues to change the world Way people stay connected.

“Alongside these breakthroughs, social entrepreneurs are changing attitudes and expectations about solving social problems from ‘should’ to ‘can’ to ‘want’,” said Griffiths.

“This pandemic has proven that innovation and resilience are two of our greatest assets,” he added.

“All around us we see people who not only develop ideas, but also implement them and work tirelessly [and] be the change they want to see. “

The SEI as an organization is committed to promoting innovation and promoting solutions, and the Gathering event was specifically designed to honor members of the SEI who excelled in introducing their solution to a social problem.

“We are proud to support more social entrepreneurs than ever before in 2021 and we are determined to increase our support and influence in the years to come,” said Mr. Griffiths.

The SEI Gathering online event was hosted by alumni of the organization, Tammy Darcy, founder of the Shona Project, and Tony Griffin, co-founder of the Soar Foundation, with all featured social entrepreneurs coming together in the studio for a live broadcast.

People from all over Ireland and beyond have signed up for the event, making it an international initiative.

and its CEO, DDCC plc, the Dublin-based international sales, marketing and support services group, is the main supporter of the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Gathering onal Murphy said of the event: “DCC plc knows how It is important to support the people affected by real change across the island of Ireland. It is inspiring and encouraging to see how social entrepreneurs are helping to drive positive change both in their communities and nationally after the pandemic. “

this week starts a funding program for social mediaSEI-Social Entrepreneurs in the early phase will provide 32 scholarships in the amount of 250 € for people from underrepresented and marginalized communities who have an idea for solving a social problem. To find out more, visit Social Entrepreneurs Ireland’s platforms.

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