Kristy Scott is a creator, mother and entrepreneur. She has designed a planner that suits her lifestyle.


A full-time career in online video can be quite a demanding job. With all of the writing, filming, editing, uploading, and audience work that the job requires, YouTubers can find it difficult to find time for their families, businesses, and personal projects.

So how do social stars negotiate their busy schedules? For one of them, the answer involves a personalized planner. Kristy Scottbest known as one half of the YouTube, TikTok and Instagram duo The Scotshas partnered with to launch a productivity aid North + Third. The “Custom Notebooks” supplier is now selling a planner designed by Scott. The book contains the sentence “I promise I’m productive‘ emblazoned on the front page. Depending on your work habits, the truth of this statement may vary.

Scott’s everyday life is quite busy. When she is not acting in short films alongside her husband Desmond, she is raising their two boys, both under the age of three. She also started films should be, a wedding video company. The “I promise I’ll be productive” planner, based on their own organizational techniques, is a means to organize all of these wide-ranging tasks. The 174-page tome, which has space for six months of planning, is designed to be “simple, light-hearted, effective and motivating” and “contains pages for goals, project management, bucket lists, budgeting and more.” to a press release.

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In a statement, Scott explained that she designed her planner to share her love of organizing with her fans. “Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m obsessed with organization — and writing pretty much my entire life.” she said. “For as long as I can remember (even as a kid), I’ve made to-do lists every morning before my day begins. I just couldn’t function without this, and I feel like I’ve achieved many personal and professional milestones just for writing it down first.”

She also showed her husband the planner in a TikTok video:

@kristy.sarah He really played me in the end 🥲 BTW it’s available!!!! link in bî0!!! #Planner #Agenda ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & various artists

Scott isn’t the first creator to come up with a productivity aid inspired by personal practices. CGP Grey, one of the big names in YouTube’s educational community, created a diary based on the “theme system‘ he uses to organize his thoughts.

Scott’s planner retails for $38. Remember: when you buy one, you to have promise to be productive.


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