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Gardens of Eden

Gardens of Eden offers online courses based on four pillars: Active, Rest, Nutrition and Beauty

LONDON, OH, UNITED KINGDOM, Jan 7, 2022 / – Gardens of Eden, a new holistic online wellness platform, is launching a Kickstarter campaign in January to change the world by changing the lives of the People improved.

Gardens of Eden takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The website will offer products and online courses that focus on four core pillars – active, recreation, nutrition and beauty – and equip members with tools, techniques and activities that fit into their daily lives and support them on their wellness journeys.

“We created Gardens of Eden to share a complete wellness experience; to show and present that quality of life is achievable for all; and that we can all live happier and healthier lives when we are at one with ourselves, ”says Ross Farrow, who founded the fellowship with Magda Cykowska.

“At the Gardens of Eden we learned that life is a never-ending journey,” said Cykowska. “We have also found that when it comes to nutrition, exercise, health and well-being, mental stability and feelings of happiness, one size doesn’t always fit. We are all different. That’s why at GOE we’re showing you several ways you can begin your journey of change to feel better about yourself in a place where you are today. We believe in simple, sustainable, consistent steps and the associated improvement. “

Describing the benefits of Active by GOE courses, Farrow said they include wellness coaches, fun exercise programs and exercises, and a variety of challenges and activities. They are designed to fit into members’ days no matter how busy they are.

From warm-up exercises, stretching and resistance band workouts to bodyweight, step and family fun – there are activities for everyone, regardless of experience.

Active classes can be conducted indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment. They equip members with ideas and tools so that they can make activities a part of daily life. “Before you know it, you’ll be moving more and feeling better about yourself,” said Cykowska.

Rest by GOE’s activities include yoga, mindfulness, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation.

Since both video and audio recordings are available, each class lasts between five minutes and an hour and is tailored to different levels of experience. Members can go as deep into the practice as they like and always find something that suits their needs, mood, and schedule.

“Our program will help you take a step back, relax, and tune into your body so you can really switch off,” said Farrow.

GOE is not about quick fixes, but rather enters the wellness market with a unique, step-by-step method and a sustainable approach.

The platform also develops a range of healthy foods, including coffee bars and other products.

To find out more about the GOE Kickstarter campaign and to support the project with a contribution, visit

The deposit level starts at £ 1 (about $ 2.00) and increases to £ 400 (about $ 540).

Visit the Gardens of Eden platform at to be informed of the launch and to subscribe to the newsletter. Gardens of Eden can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram at @goewellnesscentre.


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