JustAnswer’s annual review “Curiosity Report” reveals the top trending topics of 2021


SAN FRANCISCO, 29 Dec 2021 / PRNewswire / – JustAnswer, the leading online platform that connects people with doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, mechanics, and other experts for real-time professional help, today revealed the top trending topics of 2021 as measured by the Number of questions received on the website per topic this year.

homeopathy, etiquette, Ancient estimates, Financial software and Dream interpretation were among the topics that saw the biggest year-over-year growth at JustAnswer this year, based on an analysis of more than 3.1 million questions asked by experts between the years January 1, 2021 and December 20, 2021. In addition, according to the JustAnswer Annual Review 2021 Curiosity Report, people were particularly curious Bird health (+ 48%), Reptilian behavior (+ 17%), Smartphones (+ 169%) and office equipment (+ 96%).

Some of the more interesting highlights from the data:

  • Etiquette Questions Up 65% and Wedding Questions Up 30%
    With social gatherings on the rise again after vaccination, especially during the holidays, when we were “back out” people had many questions about navigating the new social terrain. Similarly, people started planning personal weddings again in 2021, which sparked a new set of questions related to wedding planning and logistics in 2021.
  • Dream Interpretation Questions Up 19%
    In a year of ongoing uncertainty, more people seem to turn to expert sources for help translating their unconscious thoughts into the meanings of everyday life.
  • Questions about homeopathy rose by 108% – but so did questions about the pharmacy (+ 48%).
    In 2021, people more interested in natural health and wellness products than ever found on JustAnswer due to the increase in homeopathy. However, questions about traditional drugs and medication also increased by 48%.
  • Laptops (+ 56%), smartphones (+ 169%) & financial software (+ 175%) gained momentum – but questions about the gaming system fell by 32%
    Even in 2021, remote work remained a reality for many of us, and the number of questions about work-oriented technologies on JustAnswer reflected that reality. At the same time, it seems that the increased personal sociability after vaccination may dampen the impulse to retreat to a dark bedroom to watch video games.
  • Questions about homework help decreased by 22%
    When schools reopened to face-to-face learning, students (and parents) were less likely to seek help from online experts with class assignments or tricky math problems.
  • Boat questions refused 16% – but RV questions grew 27%
    People still went out into the great outdoors for Covid-safe forms of recreation last year, but it appears that RVs have survived and gained popularity while boating lost its luster.
  • Firearms questions were down 39%
    While statistics show that handgun sales rose in the early days of on-site protection and during the unrest of 2020, JustAnswer saw a decrease in questions to its firearms experts this year.

Category View: Cars, Computers, Reviews, and Veterinary Questions all increased
From the broader perspective of the general expert categories on JustAnswer, experts in the categories of cars (especially RVs and Japanese and Korean models), Computers, (especially laptops and financial software), document and vet (especially birds, horses and reptiles) recorded the greatest increases.

“The past two years since the pandemic began has seen unprecedented growth at JustAnswer, with millions of people around the world visiting our website for answers and advice from screened and verified professionals,” said Andy Kurtzig, CEO and Founder of JustAnswer. “Our experts have answered more than 3.1 million questions – and reviewing some of the patterns in those questions can tell us a lot about what is really worrying people at any given time. Or where people most urgently need quick and inexpensive help. ”

Kurtzig found that JustAnswer is actively recruiting to hire additional experts in some of the high-growth categories to meet the increased demand. For example, antiques and collectibles experts, accountants, veterinarians (especially exotic animals), and tech support experts top the list for JustAnswer hire in 2022.

For a full rundown of the top 10 fastest growing categories for questions in 2021, as well as a collection of the most random and unusual inquiries we’ve received this year, please visit https://www.justanswer.com/blog/justanswer -2021 Year End Curiosity Report.

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