Jobtrends Report Sees High Demand for ‘Workplace Diversity Experts’


A report from a leading software company sees high demand for workplace diversity, equity and inclusion among US tech employers as the economy recovers from COVID-19 this year.

Adobe, in a survey of 750 people hired in the last three years and an analysis of the latest job postings on careers site LinkedIn, found that the fourth most popular career this year is “Workplace Diversity Experts” — including qualified diversity officers, managers and coordinators.

The report states that skills in demand for these jobs include “virtual presence etiquette, conflict management, data analysis, strong active communication, artificial intelligence, video and audio production.”

“COVID-19 has transformed work as we know it, and as a result, employee career paths have also changed,” the company said in a statement.

Adobe’s report on the 10 Hottest Careers of 2022 comes as more companies, including Walt Disney and Walmart, have rolled out diversity training programs over the past two years in response to racial justice protests.

Remote work during the pandemic has also made tech jobs attractive.

The top three trending jobs in the Adobe report were data science specialists, specialized engineers such as web developers, and user experience professionals such as customer experience researchers.

In another sign of the pandemic’s impact on workers, mental health specialists were the ninth most popular job posting and professional and personal coaches were the 10th most popular.

Numbers five through eight were digital content creators, digital marketing professionals, business development and sales professionals, and education professionals.

According to the report, young Americans need to diversify their knowledge, expand their skills, prepare for their careers during college, and prepare their portfolios to thrive in the changing economy.


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