Indian-American entrepreneur hires a woman to slap him every time he’s on Facebook; Elon Musk reacts


Are you looking for a unique job? We have all checked newspapers, websites, and apps at some point in life for a great job offer. But you can never imagine this strange thing.

Nobody would have thought of being hired just to hit a person. Almost a decade later, Indian-American entrepreneur Maneesh Sethi joined Craigslist, an American classifieds website.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user @ Rainmaker1973 shared Sethi’s story on the microblogging site Twitter, which then went viral with over 11,400 likes. Not only was it found bizarre by netizens, it impressed Elon Musk.

NDTV read: “A photo of Mr. Sethi who was hit by Kara for opening Facebook recently reappeared on Twitter and caught the attention of Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX responded to the picture with two fire emojis. The emoji is used to mean something cool or awesome. ‘ While Mr. Musk’s tweet garnered nearly 10,000 likes, Mr. Sethi was left with more questions than answers.

“Will Elon Musk give me two emojis, the highest I will ever achieve?” he asked in the comment section, wondering if the emoji should mean his “‘Icarus is flying too close to the sun’ moment,” the Indian-American entrepreneur tweeted.

It is very common for us to use social media while at work and sometimes to compromise productivity. It was similar with Maneesh Sethi, who believed that he had to be less socially connected and more productive in terms of capitalism.

According to the India Times, Maneesh Sethis now became the inspiration for a viral experiment for the company he founded called Pavlok. He took to Twitter to explain that Pavlok shocked his customers because they slept in or wasted time on Facebook.

Maneesh told Vice, “I realized I was failing to work alone, so I needed someone to get me to work. So I went over to Craigslist and ran an ad that said, ‘Hit me if I lose my job’ for $ 8 an hour. “

Here’s a look at how he gets slapped by the hired worker:

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Posted on Sunday November 28, 2021 5:12 PM IST

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