IDI Consulting recognized as a Pittsburgh Business Leader in Forbes, Fortune & Entrepreneur Magazines


PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IDI Consulting is featured in the latest issues of Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur magazines as a Pittsburgh Business Leader. Readers can learn how to find solutions for IT success by leveraging real business goals and developing solutions that directly support customer goals.

The role draws attention to the development of strategic plans for clients that enable the implementation of practical applications of the most appropriate technologies. IDI Consulting believes that effective IT can be built by listening well, taking a step back and not falling in love with elegant solutions when a simple solution will suffice.

“Resource requirements, risk and operational performance are met by designing goals and objectives that not only stay within the mission, but also model what the ultimate vision should be,” said Bill Thomas, Managing Partner and Founder.

IDI Consulting sees this role as an opportunity to reach both executives and IT professionals. In an effort to help organizations achieve long-term IT tactics, the feature discusses key leadership approaches that deliver efficient outcomes for business processes, including hiring an adaptable and resourceful team.

The feature also aims to help IT professionals support organizations throughout life, not just the lifecycle of a project. IDI Consulting encourages these professionals to solve problems and analyze technological difficulties through hands-on software engineering, project management, and data analysis. To provide customers with better IT, the feature concludes that the most knowledgeable consultants are “businessmen first, technologists second” and focus on understanding customers’ needs.

The magazines featuring IDI Consulting will be available regionally in the greater Pittsburgh area.

About IDI Consulting

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, New York City, NY and Houston, TX, IDI Consulting is dedicated to solving business problems using strategic and technological methods. Services include project management, business process reengineering, large ERP installation, custom application development, programming and installation, application and systems design, database analysis and design, systems analysis and design, and software analysis and IT consulting. visit for more informations.

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