I got a second chance as an entrepreneur | Hyderabad News

By Madhuri Akella
After successfully running a preschool chain for 13 years, I felt like there was no turning back. But fate had other ideas when, for unavoidable reasons, I had to sell my preschool brand in 2019.
At that moment I felt that this was the end of my entrepreneurial journey. I even made it my goal to be a good housewife and take care of the family. While I was happy being a housewife, deep down I always felt like I had buried my dream of being a successful entrepreneur somewhere.
Luckily, in November 2019, a friend from the United States of America came to drop off her mother and asked me to find out if there were any adult day care centers in Hyderabad. Surprisingly I couldn’t find any and had to give her a negative answer. That got me thinking, and that’s when my desire to become an entrepreneur came back.
Soon after came the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. It presented me with a perfect opportunity as I used this time to do the necessary research about aged care services, their needs, interests and activities. I then founded a Second In-nings House, an adult education center for seniors, in Secunderabad. This center hosts older people who are interested in spending time and engaging in various activities where they can play, learn, create and explore themselves. The center provides nutritious food and 24-hour care, including on a temporary basis, while their families are on vacation or business trips. I am proud to say that lockdown has given me a second chance to kick start my entrepreneurial journey. (The writer is an entrepreneur)

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