How much tips are there in salons, restaurants, deliveries, and more this year?


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Tipping is a decidedly American practice that is not without controversy. However, it is a common way of showing appreciation to give money to people in specific positions, such as restaurant operators or delivery drivers.

However, it can be difficult to know who is tipping, when, and how much. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the confusion as more people avoid restaurants, hotels, bars, and other places where workers count on tips to get through. In addition, more and more people are ordering take-out, shopping online and having basic groceries delivered.

Because of this, experts say consumers should tip more types of service agents. In addition, many people have become more generous and creative when it comes to tips and offer well thought-out bonuses such as gift cards or meals.

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According to etiquette experts, the rules and guidelines have changed. Reader’s Digest divided them into five categories: food and drink, hospitality, personal services, salon and spa, and home deliveries. Here is a quick overview.

Tips for food and drinks

  • When dining in the restaurant, tip 15-20% of the total check.
  • A tip of 10-15% is sufficient for take-away meals, food deliveries or personal shopping.
  • Give bartenders $ 2 per drink and baristas $ 1 or more if your drink is complicated.


  • Give the hotel housekeepers USD 1-3 per night.
  • Bellboys should receive $ 2-3 per bag.
  • Tip valet parking and doorman $ 5-10.

Tips for personal service

  • For zookeepers, 10-15% of the bill is sufficient.
  • For house cleaners, give 15-20%.
  • Spend at least 15% on Lyft, Uber, and other drivers.
  • For other personal services, a small gift or $ 10-20 would make sense.

Delivery service tips

  • While you don’t have to tip USPS employees regularly, you can give away a Christmas present of $ 50 or less.
  • You can give an Amazon driver $ 5 to $ 20 cash in an envelope for a large package.
  • Tips of $ 5 to $ 10 in cash are good for special deliveries such as flowers and gifts.
  • For furniture deliveries and moving companies, $ 20 per person or 15% is considerate.

Who doesn’t need a tip?

When dealing directly with a business owner, there is no need to tip. The same applies to in-home service providers. However, if you do business on a regular basis, such as with a monthly pest control agent or a stylist who owns the salon, you can surely say thank you with a nice gift or some cash over the holiday season.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong if you are generous.

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