How Manisha Chopda’s quest for financial independence led her to become an entrepreneur

Manisha Chopda started Resin Artistics in October 2021 to supplement her income. “I come from a very conservative family. My parents wanted me to quit my job and get married, and I started thinking about ways to escape the growing pressure of marriage. That’s why I turned my hobby into a job,” she says.

Through Resin Artistics, she sells customizable jewelry, bookmarks, decor, name tags, coasters, keychains, and branding tags. “The best thing about working with resin is how versatile your work can be. Harz offers so many design possibilities,” she shares.

honing skills

Chopda shares how she spent countless hours on YouTube learning the different things she could make with resins. This helped her launch her business with confidence. But the real challenge was scaling and getting to a point where people are looking for her for her work. Keeping a full-time job alongside her business was another issue she grappled with. She gradually mastered the art of time management and ran the show smoothly.

Entrepreneurship Lessons

The entrepreneur still vividly remembers the day she received her first order. “I jumped for joy and since then there has been no turning back. My company just turned one year old and I hit the 500 follower mark on our Instagram page,” says the solopreneur. From product manufacturing to budgeting, marketing to packaging, she handles everything on her own but enjoys that learning curve. “Entrepreneurship teaches you resilience and patience and leaves you with a better understanding of the world,” she reiterates.

“It’s about taking the first step. You may not be an expert today, but don’t let that stop you. Expertise in any field is built over time through experience. Find something to do in the years to come and find ways to succeed,” she says, adding that her friends played a crucial role in pushing her in the right direction.

“Entrepreneurship teaches you resilience and patience, and makes you understand the world better.” – Manisha Chopda

synthetic resin products

The power of social media

She believes social media is a great skill for entrepreneurs to learn. “Social media management is a critical skill, and in an ever-changing digital world, knowing how to use social media to your advantage can be game-changing,” she reiterates.

future plans

Chopda looks forward to growing her social media presence by consulting with some SMM experts and developing a social media strategy that works for her brand and stay consistent. Attending more offline events to showcase their products and network with other small business owners is also part of their growth strategy. These small business owners, she says, are always ready to help by sharing their entrepreneurial lessons. “I’m happy to find a place for myself in this big ecosystem,” she says.

It is interesting to note how Manisha’s search for Financial independence motivated her to become an entrepreneur. “Financial independence gives you the ability to live and make decisions on your own terms. My parents are now optimistic about my future,” she says goodbye.

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