Hemp farm Westby is closing the harvest season and getting ready for new business


WESTBY, Wisconsin (WKBT) – People across the country have been using legal CBD since 2018. One Westby Farm has been growing hemp for four years and now wants to do even more.

There are many farms in Vernon County – but none quite like Logan Eldred and Whitney Thooft’s hemp farm.

“When the Farm Bill came out in 2018, I saw an opportunity to get involved, so I jumped at it immediately. Put an ad in the newspaper, found land to work on, and we got started,” Eldred said.

It is an affair of the heart for the couple.

“It’s a bit more of a practical crop. Especially for us because we don’t use tractors or anything like that to plant our stuff. We go by hand,” said Eldred.

“I really enjoy farming. It’s super fun to grow the plant. It’s super fun just to watch the buds develop,” said Thooft.

They start their work in June and hang the plants to dry in October.

Her work offers a local, direct line from farm to table.

“I make all the gummies, the CBD gummies, and so on,” Thooft said. “We make products all year round, just the way we need them.”

These are made by Thooft from a kitchen in Viroqua. The products are sold in stores across the region and will soon be available in a dedicated store in Holmen.

Their store, called Fifth World CBD & Massage, will open on November 5th.

“That’s pretty much our main goal. To bring a better quality of life to the community—all through the use of this plant,” said Eldred.

All from a business they grew from the ground up.


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