Good days for sweet lovers, says the entrepreneur from Vizag


Despite growing health awareness, confectionery manufacturers are also doing business with the introduction of more health-friendly products. During the current fiscal year, the confectionery industry is expected to record an all-time high sales of Rs 1.25 lakh crore in the country with the online selling concept quickly gaining momentum.

The industry, which was hit hard by the pandemic when it suffered an estimated loss of Rs 35,000 crore in 2020-21, is recovering quickly with the start of the festival season and the removal of curbs imposed during the pandemic. The restrictions have kept total business at around Rs 65 crore for the year. With an innovative approach and a commitment to focus on quality to sate customers’ taste buds for sweet cravings, Sarvani Sweets has become a household name in Destiny City. It expanded from a small dairy unit in 1993 to 11 stores across the city. Now the company has more than 500 employees with its own packaging, delivery and strict quality control mechanism. NSR Prabhakar VarmaDirector of Sarvani Sweets, an IIM-Vizag alumni, told Bizz Buzz in an exclusive interview that their outlets are prominent landmarks and visitors from across Vizag and the surrounding counties keep coming back to sample sweets whenever they drop by.

“Ours is the most trusted brand, touches the heart of every Vizag household and our traditional sweets play an integral part in every festive season and occasion,” he says.

What efforts have been made to make Sarvani Sweets a household name in and around Visakhapatnam since you started a chain of sweets shops in 1996 after running a dairy shop in Seethammadhara?

What thrived in Seethammadhara by Vizag as a single small outlet in 1993, outlets have now thrived in every nook and cranny of Visakhapatnam. Three generations of our family and team have ensured that the vision of our founder, N Sathyanarayana Varma, continues. Focusing on service by delivering a quality experience is our founder’s vision. This must be maintained at a high level in all elements from production to sales to after-sales service.

Our customers have become our well-wishers and critics over the years, helping us to improve the brand. Our delicious sweets are synonymous with authentic taste, standard quality, affordable prices and ISO certification. Our points of sale delight the taste buds, soothe the senses and spread good cheer with their sweets and wedding favor wraps. We want to say that many households have helped us grow as a brand, not the other way around. We want to thank our customers, our team and our family for being where we are.

In a highly competitive industry, how could Sarvani Sweets expand its clientele keen to consume traditional sweets for all occasions? What is your USP?

“Service” and constant striving for improvement are our “USP”. We attach great importance to satisfying tastes and preferences. Service is part of the overall experience from product to purchase, and we strive to excel across the breadth of service. More specifically, we’ve tried to bridge the gap between old and new by creating something fresh and exciting, fusing old-school sweets with fun, fresh flavors while keeping our Indian roots intact for all generations to enjoy can enjoy together.

As we all know, sweets are an integral part of Indian culture and have a significant meaning in our society for every occasion. Sarvani Sweets brings traditional Indian sweets to the market with a contemporary twist, differentiating it from other confectionery brands on the market. Ultimately, the innovative and traditional mix of delicacies forms the USP of the brand.

Lately, quality has become the hallmark of everyone’s survival in the candy business, with some compromising on quality in order to make a quick buck. How do you ensure that the quality and unique taste are maintained to attract repeat customers?

We take the health and nutritional value of our products very seriously. Each time we introduce a new flavor or delicacy, food testing and quality control measures are performed on each batch of items, which are closely monitored on a daily basis.

Quality is normal, which we think is inferior. We ensure quality through a team of quality control (QC), a production manager and a trained administration team. We have followed an established process behind the scenes to ensure proper delivery of services. Innovation is a challenge for us; We enjoy creating treats with unique flavors and textures to indulge palettes for all ages.

What are your priorities in the age of disruptive technologies, lifestyle diseases and growing health awareness in all size paradigms? Have you introduced products specifically for diabetics and those not into calorie restriction?

We’ve taken a number of steps to help our customers adjust to the new normal, we’ve introduced a number of key alternative products and we’ve also reduced portion sizes. As this helps in moderation for our customers.

Which sweets can you find in the premium segment and are most in demand?

We find the product based on dried fruit very popular in the premium segment and have tried to expand our range in these products.

Candy generally has a shelf life. What do you do with those sweets or baked goods after they’ve expired?

We make orders every day. We often manufacture less than anticipated to ensure all products are consumed before the specified time or expiration date. If we have leftovers, we simply mark them by weight and discard them from our workshop.

Do you have in-house training as the availability of skilled labor is a major problem in the confectionery industry? As it is a very labor intensive sector, how do you address your needs?

We have a full-time trainer in-house with tailor-made training material.

They have introduced corporate gifts and personalized gifts with Christmas greetings, as well as candy boxes with photos and useful information about the city’s historic buildings. What is the response to this from the corporate sector?

Very good reception from all corporate customers, we also have requests from individuals for custom boxes. We also advise our customers to request such boxes two to three months in advance.

Do you have a mechanism to respond to customer suggestions/complaints?

We can be reached on channels such as social media, Google and direct contact.

How high are your sales and forecasts for the next few years? Do you have plans to open new branches and expand to other cities like other well-known candy manufacturers?

Sarvani Sweets is for everyone to love and appreciate.

We ship throughout India and internationally. Over the next five years we will expand our horizons by opening more branches within a 200 km radius

by Vizag.


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