Four ways to find and win customers for your new business


You have started a new business and are wondering how to find and win new customers. For some people, implementing a few marketing strategies and being full of hope is a perfect solution. This method may not always work, and it can also be slow and ineffective in the long run.

What you need is a conscious strategy for acquiring and retaining customers. Although the process may take some time before you see results, the result is worth the effort put in. Here are some tips on how to find and attract clients to a new business.

1. Unique value proposition

Every company or business has its own unique value proposition. This unique value proposition could consist of discounted prices, free add-on services, etc. A unique value proposition can help you and your business attract more customers.

This is easy to implement. First, identify at least one aspect that makes your business unique. Then evaluate how you can maximize that particular aspect in a positive and value-added way. This includes reaching out to customers and letting them know about your unique offer and even asking them to take a specific action.

In this case, you can then ask them if they could recommend your company to their friends and give them a discount in return. This should be formal and not manipulative. Be sure to use your unique offers as a foundation to attract more customers.

2. Marketing Strategy

Another tip for finding and attracting clients for a new small business is to rethink your marketing strategy. Marketing encompasses every effort you make to promote your business. You can do your marketing through online or offline channels. If you already run some marketing campaigns, you should evaluate their effectiveness and double the most promising ones.

For example, if ads are your main source of leads, you can combine them with email marketing, social media marketing, etc. The goal is to build an effective marketing strategy that yields the best results.

3. Improve your online presence

Nowadays, an online presence is no longer enough to stay one step ahead of the tough market competition. Also optimize your online channels to reach as many target groups as possible. The main reason for having an online presence is to keep in touch with prospects and customers, not just to sell your services or products.

The two most popular online channels you can use for your business are social media and websites. Platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are great for engaging with customers and sharing valuable content and information. Others like YouTube and TikTok are for long-length and short-length instructional and entertainment videos.

You need to understand your audience and where they spend most of their time online so you can better target them. A robust online presence can lead to massive success.

4. Use discounts

Discounts work well for newly formed businesses. The use of discounts is a common way to attract customers in business.

Note that discounts and other price-related incentives only lead to profits if they attract more customers. This is because your business is losing money by discounting the products and services. You always have to be mindful of economies of scale.



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