Entrepreneur opens new restaurant named by Lancashire residents


Mark O’Rourke in front of his new Bath House Bistro restaurant

A hospitality entrepreneur has revealed the name of his new restaurant after inviting Lancashire residents to say what it would be called.

The restaurant is slated to open in Preston’s historic Miller Arcade in late June.

More than 550 people responded with a series of ideas, the most popular of which had to do with the arcade’s colorful story and characters, with several suggestions referring to the architect Edwin Bush or Nathaniel Miller, the investor who built the Miller Arcade, which was Preston’s first, built indoor shopping center.

However, after much deliberation, Mark O’Rourke and his team chose the name Bath House Bistro, a nod to the popular Turkish bath that was once located in the basement of the arcade.

Commenting on the decision, Mark O’Rourke said, “The idea of ​​Bath House stood out from the rest because it was a bit whimsical and unexpected.

“We are very excited about the name, which will certainly spark interest and conversations with our future customers.

“The purpose of the Turkish Baths was to bring people together to feel good and relax and that is our hope for Bath House Bistro.

“The restaurant will blend the historic with the contemporary in a British bistro that offers a reliable dining experience.

“We are now looking forward to working on the logo and putting the finishing touches on the restaurant, which is due to open at the end of June.”

The reference to a “bathhouse” appeared in the suggestions of five people who entered.

All five entries were then ‘put in the hat’ and the lucky winner, chosen at random, was Luke Unsworth from Fulwood, who gets to dine once a month for a year at the restaurant he co-founded.

“A bathhouse is a place where you take care of body and soul and meet old and new friends,” says Lukas, explaining his choice of name in his suggestion.

The four people who also submitted names related to the Turkish bath will each receive a £100 runner-up voucher to use at the Bath House Bistro.


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