Entrepreneur First announces participation in six Indian tech start-ups


– From genomics-based diagnostic technology for faster, more accurate and cheaper Covid tests to NLP-based in-site search engine for online commerce and AI-powered music creation tool for video and podcast content creators, the Indian tech start-ups are targeting ups from EF to massive global opportunities

Bengaluru, 2021: Entrepreneur First (EF), a UK-based global talent investor, has announced an investment in six cutting-edge tech startups from India. With the latest funding, EF has invested in 34 tech startups in the country since launching in India in 2019.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, early-stage investing has been resilient, with average transaction sizes increasing significantly and funding rounds being completed in record time. In fact, startups in EF’s India portfolio, such as ImmunitoAI and NeuroPixel, launched follow-up rounds within months of the pre-seed investment.

In EF’s most recent “Investor Reveal”, six promising start-ups for top investors in the country’s early stages were presented. From genomics-based diagnostic technology for faster, more accurate and cheaper Covid tests to NLP-based in-site search engines for online retailing and AI-powered music creation tools for video and podcast content creators, young entrepreneurs at EF are working on effective ones Solutions to compelling real-world problems.

Esha Tiwary, General Manager, India at Entrepreneur First said: “India is now producing some of the most innovative technology solutions in the world and these latest EF India entrepreneurs are leading the way. You are developing some of the most innovative innovations I have ever seen while attacking ambitious global problems. It’s exciting to see how fast these young entrepreneurs are moving, turning today’s adversity into opportunity and capitalizing on changing consumer behavior. “

The great Indian tech start-up story continues to grow, leading India’s vision to be a $ 3 trillion economy. From D2C to cryptocurrency and music to healthcare, India’s success with startups is redefining the way we look at technology for the common good. According to a recent report, segments like D2C are set to grow to $ 100 billion by 2025, thanks to increasing digital adoption across India. Tech startups like Omniflo are taking advantage of these opportunities to enable fast and efficient offline retail for online first and D2C brands. Similarly, Flippy, an easy-to-use investment platform that provides actionable signals for users to invest in cryptocurrencies, is unlocking the opportunities offered by the growing cryptocurrency space in India. According to a report, around 15 million Indians are said to have invested in private cryptocurrency holdings in recent years.

The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated India’s efforts to innovate, powered by technologies that make companies more agile, flexible and responsive. As these technologies continue to complement and expand human capabilities, the potential for growth and innovation is enormous.

While Zolnoi keeps its promise to help manufacturing companies reduce downtime and significantly improve productivity with its end-to-end AI-based maintenance management platform, D-NOME makes genomics-based diagnostics affordable and accessible to all. In fact, its D-Lamp technology has already been successful in making Covid tests faster, more accurate and more affordable compared to RT-PCR tests.

As a global talent investor with a presence in six global markets, EF has built over 300 tech startups with a global community of over 3,000 entrepreneurs and a portfolio valued at over $ 4 billion. In India, EF has supported more than 250 ambitious entrepreneurs and invested in 34 tech startups since its inception in January 2019.

The innovators

1. Zevi

Redefining In-Site Search for Brands, Retailers, and Other Ecommerce Stores – A powerful NLP-centered search engine along with local language support that measurably improves brand conversion and engagement online. Its advanced NLP engine is also able to handle queries for mixed languages ​​such as Hindi + English. In the past 3 months they have integrated with 3 brands’ e-commerce stores, with another 5 pilot confirmations in the pipeline. They have already shown a ~ 11% conversion jump for their customers after serving their search.


Breakthrough D-Lamp Technology to Make Genomic Diagnostics Affordable and Accessible. With its innovative reagents and proprietary technology, the D-NOME platform is ready to revolutionize the field of PCR and genomic diagnostics worldwide. It is estimated that diagnostic laboratories reduce their operating costs by 10 times and delivery times by 5 times. All of this is made possible by state-of-the-art D-LAMP technology – an easy-to-perform RT-PCR that operates at a single temperature of 37 ° C without the need for multiple reagents, skilled technicians, or even an RT-PCR device. Starting with a focus on Covid testing, they aim to subsequently disrupt large contiguous markets for several other diseases.

3. Beatoven

An AI-powered music creation tool for video and podcast content creators. It uses artificial intelligence to help content creators compose original soundtracks with no musical knowledge by simply specifying moods, sections and genres. It reduces your music recording time from several days to a few minutes. They are currently live with 25 beta testers and 300 customers waiting in the pipeline. It has received tremendous incoming paid subscription interest from early adopters.

4. Omniflo

A data-driven digital platform that enables fast and efficient offline retail sales for online first / D2C brands. With a growing network of retail shelves across India and multiple data points from brands, retailers and location information, their platform identifies the right stores to place each brand’s products, optimal inventory levels for each brand, and provide seamless distribution access to those stores. The data engine and technology platforms for all actors enable distributed operations on a large scale and provide unparalleled value to each stakeholder.


Decrypting crypto investments with a social-first, assisted investment platform where users can collect signals and act on them. Flippy’s intuitive, easy-to-use platform provides actionable signals for users to invest and trade with confidence along with their favorite pro traders and others in their social circle. They have teamed up with one of the largest Indian exchanges with over 1.3 million dormant users. With their MVP, they have already seen that 67% of inexperienced investors made their first investment using their platform.

6. Zolnius

Zolnoi helps manufacturing companies reduce downtime and improve productivity through an end-to-end AI-based maintenance management platform. Their first product is an AI-based end-to-end SaaS platform that addresses these problems through an IoT cloud for data integration, proprietary ML for manufacturing analysis and a web app for visualizing data, generating insights and recommendations for action . They have provided pilots for 3 medium to large sized F&B manufacturers with the potential to save millions of dollars on maintenance.

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