Entrepreneur Ciará puts students in the spotlight


A 22-year-old Lancaster entrepreneur proves that when you have a clear goal, a strong purpose and heaps of determination, age is no handicap.

Ciará Moriarty quickly made a name for herself in local business circles – she founded her own theater school and at the age of 21 became Lancaster University’s youngest Entrepreneur-in-Residence. She was recently honored with Lancashire Business View magazine’s Sub 36 Awards.

Ciará said: “Nearing the end of my studies, a BA Hons in Acting, Theater and Performance at Lancaster University at the height of the Covid pandemic, not knowing what would come next in such uncertain times.

“I realized there were no facilities in Lancaster to teach young children aged 4 to 14 singing, dancing and acting at a local theater so I boldly approached Dukes Theater on Moor Lane and booked a number of places to do just that for the first year.”

It was a big financial commitment for a student still finishing her dissertation, but she was determined and when Ciará opened the doors to The Performance Studios she had 14 students on her books – the maximum allowed due to Covid restrictions.

Today, The Performance Studios is a thriving, busy business employing over 80 full-time young students and employing six locally qualified teachers.

To celebrate the achievements of her students, Ciará will now hold her first exclusive public show at the Grand Theater in Lancaster on August 6th at 4pm.

Take One, A Night at The Movies will see her talented young students perform live in front of her biggest audiences.

Ciará said: “These children were locked up for almost 2 years of their lives – and for our four-year-olds that is half of their lives! The show gives them back all their childhood freedom. It’s their moment to shine and show their families how the achievement helped build trust that may have been lost in recent years.”

In recognition of the hard work of Ciará and her students, the Lloyd Motor Group has offered to sponsor the event, which has also allowed Ciará to offer reduced prices to the public.

Kim Hayton, Customer Relations Manager, BMW Lloyd, South Lakes said: “We are delighted to be supporting Ciara and the students at Performance Studios with their upcoming show. It’s great to see theater shows making a comeback and giving our young, talented community a chance to shine on stage! Good luck to everyone involved.”

Tickets for the show are available from The Lancaster Grand website https://bit.ly/3Bp1c9k

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