e-pay is discontinuing its online prepaid top-up and bill payment platform


e-pay recently announced that its online prepaid top-up and bill payment platform will be discontinued later this month. Also known as E-Pay EVE, the platform allows customers to conduct both types of transactions through a dedicated website and mobile apps.

The termination of the service was announced via a banner on e-pay’s official website. The company also released a related notice via its two official Facebook pages on April 5, although the notice did not explain the move.

EVE’s discontinuation notice on e-pay’s website, taken at 12:45 today.
The web version of E-Pay EVE recorded at 12:50 today.

It is also unclear whether the discontinuation of EVE will have any impact on e-pay’s services for physical merchants. That being said, e-pay’s parent company, GHL Systems, previously indicated that EVE is a standalone system in a statement during last year’s alleged data breach incident.


In the meantime, at the time of writing this article, GHL has somehow yet to announce the discontinuation of E-Pay EVE on its website or Facebook page. While this doesn’t mean anything and could just be a simple communication glitch, we still found it quite odd that GHL hasn’t spoken out about it, as we believe EVE is an important part of e-Pay.

(Thanks for the tips, KevinNgTK!)


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