Discover a new way of trading forex with the Tixee online platform


Discover a new way of trading forex with the Tixee online platform

Tixee is an online broker for stocks, forex, CFDs, indices, metals and energies and offers a trading platform for beginners and experienced traders. The brokerage company offers a wide range of trading tools and educational materials that are valuable to private and institutional investors. With the Tixee Forex trading platform, traders get unbeatable customer support, exceptional trade execution, highly competitive spreads, a reliable trading platform and an exceptional range of tradable assets.

How do I open a real Forex trading account with Tixee Online?
First, a real forex trading account allows you to invest in the forex markets with real money and generate real income. Second, there are several types of real trading accounts, all of which allow investors to trade forex and conduct other trading transactions. Opening a real online trading account with Tixee is quick, easy and seamless and the broker offers four account types, Entry, Standard, Premium and VIP. All of these trading accounts include the popular Tixee trade execution, various trading platforms and negative balance protection. Opening an account is easy and straightforward, and Tixee’s support agents are never more than a click away in case you need help.

What forex currency pairs and spreads can I trade?
All financial markets have expanded, as have the foreign exchange markets. Put simply, the spread in forex trading is the difference between the bid (buy) price and the ask (sell) price. Experienced forex traders refer to this bid synonymously as the ask spread. Currency pairs, trade size, and volatility can all affect the spread size. The main pairs to trade on include: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF, AUD / USD, and USD / CAD. Still, Tixee is home to other smaller currency pairs and more exotic currency pairs.

How to Build a Strong Forex Trading Strategy
In order to avoid widening the spread, it is advisable for traders to follow a certain trading style. Spreads narrow or widen for a variety of reasons. So there are aspects that retailers and retailers need to get used to.

Be aware of the widening spreads
Forex investors should be familiar with the spread as it represents the primary cost of daily forex trading volume. A wide spread means a high trading effort, while illiquid forex trades and periods of volatility combined with leveraged trading indicate undesirable forex trading. Traders with a minimal trade size should consider taking a large position that is relative to the size of the account. Here are valuable techniques that traders can incorporate to make their life in the forex market a lot easier.

Assess factors that affect the spread size
Traders should be careful with volatility, liquidity and news to avoid high spread costs associated with spread widening.

Choose forex pairs with high liquidity
Those who are new to the stock market need to choose forex pairs with high liquidity. Under normal circumstances, high exchange rates are associated with low spreads and reduced exchange rate risk.

Look at the day trading
The time of day affects exchange rates and therefore traders need to think about this in their trading technique. Forex spreads are low during peak trading hours in Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York due to the high trading volumes. So for a perfect spot market, it makes sense to trade during these exciting forex markets.

Why is Tixee the right forex broker for traders?

competitive prices
Tixee combines good spreads, fast execution speeds and real commitment to help traders achieve their trading goals when trading CFDs, forex and other stock investments. Trading CFDs has never been easier thanks to Tixee’s low margins on international instruments.

Excellent technical analysis
The expert analysis by Tixee professionals makes it possible to benefit from the enormous daily foreign exchange turnover in addition to trading CFDs.

Premium client service
Opening a premium account plan with Tixee ensures a private training session, dedicated customer support, and other valuable benefits.

Availability of popular trading platforms
After opening retail or individual accounts with this company, traders can choose to use MetaTrader 4, 5 or Tixee Webtrader to execute their trades. In addition, retailers can opt for mobile trading with the Tixee mobile apps, which are available for Android and iOS devices.

Unmatched experience
For traders looking for an experienced broker, go for Tixee as every box is checked. As a reputable forex broker in the forex industry, Tixee has been helpful and friendly to beginners and experienced traders for many years. Ultimately, there are many reasons why traders should consider signing up with Tixee.

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