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Medium and launch for BI platform Lightdash

October 10, 2022

London-based open-source business intelligence platform Lightdash has launched its core general-use product and announced seed funding of $8.4 million.

The company, co-founded by current CEO Hamzah Chaudhary and CTO Oliver Laslett, was part of the Y Combinator Business Incubation Stable; was originally known as Hubble; and focused on helping customers assess data quality in their data warehouses and feed the results into BI tools. About a year and a half ago, the name was changed to Lightdash and the focus shifted to providing business users with tools to consume the raw data in these department stores. This includes both analysts and data scientists who can create custom workflows and define their own metrics and KPIs using SQL and a standard text editing tool; and non-technical staff in roles like marketing and finance accessing a visual front-end.

Chaudhary (pictured) comments: “Modern data analysts are increasingly becoming software developers, but they are stuck with enterprise user interfaces that encapsulate the business logic and slow them down. Lightdash gives analysts productivity tools that enable them to deploy enterprise-scale BI with far less effort.”

The seed round, part of which will serve to expand beyond the current staff of eight, was led by Accel, with participation from Moonfire, Snyk founder Guy Podjarny and Gitlab CMO Ashley Kramer, and Y Combinator itself.

Website: www.lightdash.com .

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