Court News: Man Accused of Selling Stolen TV in Walmart Parking Lot


According to court records, Detroit Lakes officials were sent to Walmart on the evening of December 17 because a man had reported it trying to sell a television in the parking lot. Upon the officer’s arrival, Larson was seen waving at a box containing a new Roku television and was arrested for trespassing.

The store’s surveillance video showed Larson coming out of the back of the electronics section, carrying the TV box over his head. He went straight to the pharmacy’s side doors and stepped out through a group of people without bothering to pay for the television. He is banned from Walmart for shoplifting on September 1st.

On December 20, Larson was given a cash deposit of $ 500 or a deposit of $ 5,000 under standard conditions of release or an unconditional $ 15,000 deposit.

Three young adults in DL charged with heroin and meth possession

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Three people have been charged with fifth degree drug offenses in Becker County District Court.

According to court records, Chayse Marie Yunker, 18, Noah Daniel Lawrence, 20 and Madison Rae Sturdevant, 20, all of Detroit Lakes, were stopped in a vehicle in Detroit Lakes on December 17th for expired license plates.

While speaking with Lawrence, the driver, the officer clearly saw a half-rolled piece of foil with scorch marks on it.

He let the occupants get out and searched the vehicle. Yunker was in the front seat and Sturdevant was in the back.

Sturdevant was carrying a purse and the officer found about a third of a gram of heroin in it. Her purse also contained a suspected heroin ampoule that weighed 3.56 grams, including the weight of the ampoule.

A backpack that was in the passenger’s floor area contained numerous drug paraphernalia and suspected narcotics. Lawrence admitted the backpack was his. Approximately 0.28 grams of field-tested methamphetamine and 16.95 grams of suspected fentanyl were found in the backpack.

In the area where Yunker was sitting, the officer found a zippered pouch containing two straws, several sanitary napkins, foil and razor blades. About 0.58 grams of suspected heroin was found in the cuffs. All three were arrested and taken to the Becker County Jail.

On December 20, Studevant was given $ 200 cash bail and the other two were released without bail, all on standard release terms.

DL man charged with drugs, DWI, after car drove into ditch

Timothy George Vogt, 42, of Detroit Lakes, was charged with fifth degree controlled substance crime and gross misdemeanor DWI in Becker County District Court.

According to court records, a Becker County MP responded at 2:18 a.m. on November 19 to a report of a possibly drunk driver driving into the ditch on 280th Avenue.

Vogt walked on the side of the road, not far from the vehicle in the ditch. He appeared to be tripped and impaired and admitted to driving the vehicle and smoking marijuana. When the deputy was given the pipe, he noticed that there appeared to be methamphetamine in the pipe.

Vogt said he was smoking from a pipe, but didn’t know what it was. He was arrested and provided a blood sample based on a search warrant. In the Becker County Jail, employees found a small bag of field positive meth that weighed 0.62 grams.

On December 17, Vogt was summoned to appear in court at an unspecified later date.

Pelican Rapids man charged with 16 grams of meth

Ermin Saric, 31, of Pelican Rapids was charged in Becker County District Court with the third degree of drug-related crime and gross offense of false name to a peace officer.

According to court records, a Detroit Lakes police officer stopped a vehicle on April 10 because the rear license plate was partially covered and a radar detector was placed in the center of the windshield.

The driver could not identify himself and gave the false name of another real person and the exact date of birth. The driver was eventually identified as Saric and he said he named his brother. Saric had a revoked license and the vehicle was towed. When the vehicle was searched, officers found 16.1 grams of field positive meth.

On December 16, Saric was summoned to appear in court at an unspecified later date.

Frazee man charged with assault

Chad Stuart Mitchell, 45, of rural Frazee, was charged with assault in Becker County District Court.

According to court records, on December 15, while she was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper and discussing a story with her underage daughter, he threw his cell phone at his wife, hit her in the jaw, causing pain and swelling, according to court records.

Mitchell told a police officer he was angry about an argument they had that morning and angry that she wouldn’t ask how his day was when he got home. He said he threw his phone to hit the newspaper but he missed and hit her in the face.

On December 16, Mitchell was placed on a cash deposit of $ 700 or a bond of $ 7,000 under standard terms for release or an unconditional $ 30,000 bond.


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