Court News: Bismarck Man Receives 51 Months Imprisonment on Becker County Sex Charge


According to court records, on May 28, Ferguson inappropriately touched a girl under the age of 14 and tried to digitally invade her, then asked if she “wanted to take her to another room.” The girl struggled against him repeatedly until he finally left. She said she was scared because he was so much bigger than her.

On October 20, District Judge Michael sentenced Fritz Ferguson to 51 months in St. Cloud in prison and sentenced him to pay a fine of $ 50 and a court fee of $ 200.

Man gets 41 months for stalking a crime

Beaux Michael Duvall Jr., 33, of Ponsford has been convicted of stalking charges by Becker County District Court.

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According to court records, on September 12th he went to the home of a woman in Ponsford who had an injunction against him. She reported that he tried to smash her windows with chunks of asphalt. When her car alarm rang, she assumed that he had hit the car with chunks of asphalt too. A piece of asphalt was found on the driver’s side floor. Two other witnesses confirmed that Duvall had been there.

On October 27, District Judge Jay Carlson sentenced him to 41 months in St. Cloud for stalking. He was fined $ 200 in court fees and was credited with 45 days in prison. An allegation of gross misconduct for violating an injunction was dropped in an objection agreement.

Detroit Lakes man charged with a crime involving a former girlfriend

Edward Jonathan Beaulieu Jr., 27, of Detroit Lakes, has been charged in Becker County District Court on first degree burglary and offense against an injunction.

According to court records, police were called to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Detroit Lakes at around 3 a.m. on September 10, after Beaulieu walked in uninvited about an hour earlier. He pushed his way in and took her cell phone away. She ran into the bathroom crying and he told her to stop crying or he would “stick a knife in her throat,” according to the criminal complaint. When she couldn’t stop crying, he put a hand over her mouth and blocked her nose so she couldn’t breathe. She saw he had a knife and he told her he had a weapon too. He left around 2:40 in the morning

A domestic violence contactless order against Beaulieu was issued on July 9 to protect the woman and was still in force.

On October 20, Beaulieu was given a cash bail of $ 4,000 or $ 40,000 bail under standard terms of release or bail of $ 100,000 unconditional.

Woman convicted of involvement in Orton’s theft in Audubon

Nakita Ione Eischens (24) from Mahnomen was convicted by the Becker District Court for third-degree burglary.

According to court records, on November 29, 2018, a woman reported the theft of a black 2004 Nissan Altima to White Earth tribal police. She woke up to find it was gone. The police informed her that it had been recovered early in the morning as part of a burglary investigation.

At 3:34 a.m., a Becker County MP had been called to report a break-in at Orton’s supermarket in Audubon. An employee there saw a person with a black mask in the store near a supply room. The man escaped by smacking a rear glass door with an ice pick. A surveillance video showed three people entering a walk-in cooler at the back of the building and eating.

The deputy followed the vehicle tracks from the gas station to rural Becker County, where he found the Altima in a ditch. Eischens was identified as the driver of the car. Her shoe print matched a shoe print from the walk-in cooler, and an Orton milk crate was found in the car containing four gallons of milk and a large pack of hot peppers.

On October 20, District Judge Michael Fritz suspended the conviction and placed her on probation for five years.

Eischens was sentenced to 59 days in prison, with a credit of 59 days served and a fine of $ 1,000 plus $ 1,165 in court fees and a $ 743 refund.

A theft charge was dropped in a settlement agreement.

Detroit Lakes woman meets conditions, charges dismissed

A charge of aiding and abetting a parole or parole was dismissed in Becker County District Court against Georgette Suzanne Maxfield, 33, of Detroit Lakes.

According to court records, she falsely told the police on her doorstep in November 2017 that her boyfriend at the time was not at her home. Police later saw him through a window on a couch in the living room, received an arrest warrant and found him hidden in the attic.

On October 13, the charges against Maxfield were dismissed for successfully completing the terms of her sentence: serving 15 days with electronic home surveillance, paying a $ 500 fine and $ 665 court fee, undergoing a mental examination, and follow the recommendation and successfully complete a four-year supervised probationary period.

Detroit Lakes woman charged with domestic violence

Katrina Marie Elmore, 27, of Detroit Lakes, was tried in Becker County District Court for domestic violence – violating a protection warrant within 10 years of previous convictions.

According to court records, on September 18, a Becker County MP stopped the car she was driving in Detroit Lakes because of unpredictable journeys. The driver was a man with whom she had not had any contact since 2019.

On September 20, the Elmore cash deposit was set at $ 200 or a $ 2,000 bond under standard terms for release or an unconditional $ 20,000 bond.


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